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  1. Though it's not known for sure, it's widely thought that the rehearsal boot "Johnny Kidd & The Pirates" was recorded earlier that day in Chicago, before the show. They ran through these '50's rock and roll oldies... 1. Schooldays 2. Nadine 3. Round And Round 4. Go, Go, Go 5. Love Me Like A Hurricane 6. Move it 7. Dynamite 8. Shakin' All Over 9. Hungry For Love 10. I'll Never Get Over You 11. Reelin' And Rockin' It's thought that Robert's voice was shredded at the concert that night after singing all these songs that day. I've also read that it could be a '75 rehearsal, but I don't
  2. 8/23/71 in Fort Worth, TX. Just a scorching version. The unbalanced recording helps in this case, as the taper was in front of Jimmy's side and the guitar is very prominent in the tape. Blazing playing by Jimmy and Robert in very strong and high voice.
  3. Official releases of any of the German shows from March '73, when they were at their all-time hottest instrumentally. Vienna, for example...awesome.
  4. Absolutely, Jimmy was a mess. Bonzo was a drunk, he died of a self-inflicted mishap. But Jimmy was in much worse shape overall. He was just lucky he didn't die.
  5. Yeah, I'm not talking about comparing Plant's voice now to his voice in the 70's. I'm talking about his voice in '72 then in '73. From '69-'72 he could hit the notes, from '73 on he couldn't. I would think that if I went to a concert in '73 or '75 I would've noticed he was singing much different than he did a year or two earlier, and much different than on the records. Of course the shows would've ruled anyway, but it wouldn't have gone unnoticed. And it's not like NO ONE noticed back then. I recall a bootleg, I believe from '75, where the taper is heard saying near the microphone "his vo
  6. In hindsight, all of us bootleg nerds are keenly aware of the evolution of RP's voice. How from 69-72 he was hitting high notes like crazy, on albums and in concert. In late 72 he started struggling and it evolved from there. He sang in lower registers, was no longer a "screamer" like early on. But what did fans at the time think of it? Say you were a Zep fan in 75 and went to a concert. Maybe you'd seen them in 71 when his voice was in full force, or maybe it was your first time. As you sat there listening to the concert, did you think "man, what's up with his voice? LZ IV only came out
  7. I'm sure acquiring these soundboards to release them isn't free.
  8. Agreed. I loved his bass tone pre-77. I don't like any bass where I can actually hear the strings rattling. I want to hear that nice warm "boom boom boom" sound, not the metallic strings reverberating.
  9. Take your pick of the shows from Germany in March '73. Their highest point, musically.
  10. Their live shows pretty much lived and died with Jimmy. JPJ and Bonzo were pretty much always solid. The difference between a great show, a decent show, and a bad show pretty much laid with the state of Jimmy and his playing. If you were to graph Jimmy's playing ability, fluency, speed, and accuracy from '73-'80, it would pretty much be a straight line downward. I don't think there's any reason to believe that trend would have reversed in the fall of '80. If you look at how frail and sickly he looked in '83 at the ARMS shows, you get a good idea of where he was trending. The America '80 shows
  11. Robert has spent 33 years not wanting to do it. As they say in behavioral psychology circles, "the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior." It's not EVER going to happen. And these guys are pushing 70. The window is closed.
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