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  1. Two weeks ago I was in Cabo San Lucas .....it was 85 F, blue skies and sandy beaches. Today I'm back in Seattle 25 F, snowing and frozen asphalt. OUCH!!!
  2. From a recent acoustic set in Tacoma, WA
  3. I voted early with my absentee ballot. I studied very hard and weighed my choices very carefully. Please explain why this makes me a "retard" and why you feel that it is the "stupidest thing ever". In my opinion only an arrogant asshole would say things like the statements you posted.
  4. VERY Cute grandbaby there Scotty!! Nice tee .

  5. Valid points. I agree that both sides are tainted and reminded that some of those MMCC scientists are paid to find catastrphic situations. No emergency situation, no grants.
  6. "Denialist"? That's a good one.... I'm a sceptic on this issue, nothing more, nothing less. I don't see anyone suggesting that we do nothing about being more "green" or discontinue searching for environmentally friendly sources of energy. The alarmist mentality is what bothers me. The opinion that people who don't believe that humans are responsible for global climate change are not concerned about man made pollutants is absurd. I hate our dependency on fossil fuels and their impact on our environment and economy. The argument is NOT ABOUT IF WE SHOULD BE BETTER STEWARDS OF OUR EARTH! I think that all of us agree that we should nuture and protect our planet, so why does this line of BS keep coming up? After three separate threads about this issue, it is clear that intelligent, rational discussion is not going to occur, but rather mud-slinging and ridiculous, misguided one-sided rants seem to prevail. Just because someone disagrees with a theory (and any respectable scientist will tell you that at this point that's all it is), doesn't mean they want to continue to trash the planet. If we can move past that, we might be able to discuss the issue.....but I'm sceptical.
  7. The Ice caps have partially melted, then the world has frozen over, it has happened many times in the Earth's history and will again. The CO2 levels have reached 10 times the current level and will again. Glaciers have carved out valleys on Earth, they will again. Animals will become extinct, it happened long before we had cars and factories on Earth. Who cares about Global Warming? We have much larger issues that will force us to stop using fossil fuels. This subject is redundant, why do we need yet another thread about it.
  8. I saw them and heard them..... they were great..... my favorite ROCK BAND, EVER, by far..... Nothing more, nothing less. If they are "more" to you...... Good luck to you, in your ........ ummmmm ...........life.
  9. Not here to argue. RP's lyrics have mostly been about sounding great, not necessarily "making sense". The first two albums were full of Willie Dixon lyrics and it took years for acknowledgment. Probably partially due to Robert's contractual agreements that stifled his songwriting credits. Robert Johnson lyrics were VERY COMMON right around the time that "The Ocean" was written. Much of PG was written about the same time. Robert was and still seems to be steering clear of any "satanist" type (using this term VERY LOOSELY) of connections because of the scrutiny Jimmy was under around '76 and after. I yield to Knebby, she would know better than I, just a fan..... ....so you don't hear the word 'hellhound"? ....just wondering....
  10. Plant will never admit the "lift" from Robert Johnson. You all know that Robert's fascination with Chicago and Delta Blues was a big part of early Zeppelin lyrics. Especially, Willie Dixon and Robert Johnson. I've never met RP and Id never question Knebby's integrity, but the lyric does contain the word "Hellhound" (according to my ears and a million listens). Just my lame oinion...nothing more.
  11. The Hell Hound's At The Door. Robert Johnson
  12. You are too kind!! Redheads rock my world!!

  13. Jimmypage1977!

    You're just too awesome for words...

  14. You are so special.... thanks for your insight, Ms. Jerkin.
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