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  1. I read your articles and actually found them to point towards the Boeing Dreamliner as the better plane for the future..... thanks for posting. The pics of the factories was a ridiculous comparison, BTW! The Boeing Plant is every bit as spic and span as the Airbus plant. You might note that the wings were on the Boeing plane, whereas the Airbus pic was taken in a "pre-wing" assembly area. I prefer Boeing's plant...in Everett, Washington, USA.
  2. Really? Can you explain why you think that? I'm fascinated by your comment. Please enlighten me!
  3. Cool....Pilot!! Good to see that you are still rockin'!
  4. Kris was the wrong choice for the final. Gokey would have faired much better on the last two picks (from Simon Fuller and Kara's song). Adam proved to be far superior at song interpretation and vocal skill. Too bad that it's just a popularity vote.
  5. You sure are nosy...leave me alone and mind your own business... Just kidding!!
  6. Danny is not hip.... but he smoked everybody vocally tonight! Kris was his usual hip self, but the least competent vocalist. Adam is getting old fast! I find that when he sings in the middle of his range that it sounds great, but the lows and "very" highs sound like poop! Yeah he can hit high "z", but if there is no emotion or quality...who really cares? I hope that Gokey and Kris stay. Adam will have a fabulous career as a Broadway Showgirl!
  7. I would have been OK with Kris or Danny. Danny, because he did so poorly last night and Kris because he is not as good of a singer as the rest. I know, girls......he has a nice smile!
  8. Allison is gone!! America got it wrong!
  9. Well... I watched it again and Adam was OK, but even Slash told him to do the lower pitched ad-lib runs and they would sound better. He sticks out his tongue in a weird way, makes a god-awful Michael Jackson type noise when he inhales, phrases the passages like a robotic fairy and that Elvis lip thing....what's up with that? Soulless high notes with no concern for taste. Allison was really good...I missed it the first time, because I was occupied while I was hearing it. She had the best performance of the night for me. She had some great soulful runs and hit every note. 17 years old and she
  10. Whole Lotta Love...not that bad... Allison does Janis..... just ok for me!
  11. I'm not an expert and I do not use Ouiji boards, but this is what I've gathered about using them. It is a device that opens up the spirit world to the user. The Ouiji board has no majick power, but is a token of invitation. Malicious spirits can use this connection to possess the user. It's use is kind of like an invitation for spirits to "connect" with the user, who might usually be protected by ignorance or disbelief. The theory is that using the Ouiji board is like inviting the spirit to inhabit the users soul. Pretty scary stuff.
  12. I would disagree with that study. A Maple Strat sounds a lot different than a Swamp Ash Strat and the shape is the same. A Korean "plywood Strat" has a different sound as well. I would agree that the figured maple top on a Les Paul contributes greatly to it's sound. Have you ever played different acoustic guitars made from different woods? Take Martin acoustics; they are all shaped the same, but the woods used give them different tonal characteristics. Why do players pay more for certain woods? How about paint? I can hear the differences.
  13. Because I forget more than I remember these days, I'll have to check my facts, but I seem to recall that he had two switches under his pick guard. I don't remember their functions, but I thought that they were coil taps. I could be wrong.... Edited to add: According to a reliable source it is #2 that has the two switches under the pick guard and they were installed AFTER Led Zeppelin in the early 80's. One is a series/parallel and one is a phase switch.
  14. I'm finding them for $450 US all day long, right around $500 US with a case. They don't seem to be giving you a break on your euros.
  15. WOW!! That seems expensive for that guitar... Hold on...I'll do some research.
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