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  1. Hmm... I shall have to check those out, but, so far, I didn't see anything else. This happened to be at this record store and I found it on a fluke. I haven't been there since about the summer, but then I don't think I took a good look then, only in May. Shrug.
  2. OK... I just picked this up at a record store yesterday and I about fainted. What the hell was Robert smoking when he sanctioned this?? RAP!? It is an acquired taste, I am sure I will get to like it eventually, but oh my God. Sorry if there has been a thread on this before, I couldn't be arsed to find the old one. Even the radio mix on the other side is missing something, although it sounds quite full bodied on vinyl, I must say. Also included is White Clean and Neat. Interesting.
  3. On one of my local country music stations. No kidding. A Canadian country band has done a cover of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and the marching Kashmir riff is clearly in it with the fiddles/violins. My Mom thought I was nuts when I exclaimed, "Kashmir!" in the middle of the restaurant we were eating in. ETA: Found it. Emerson Drive is the name of the band.
  4. Oi... I guess it could be worse... but... yeah, not impressed. Guess we shall see how this turns out. Ye God & little fishes, how the universe has turned on its ear the last going off... two months of insanity. To top it all off, this public work computer ate my last nearly identical post on my break. Grr.
  5. On another board I am a member of, when someone says something before you do, it is considered a spanking.
  6. I am getting the feeling that the comment this guy made about that was in the vein of, "Well at least mine isn't as bad as that one Jimmy hates, so what's the problem??" Kinda deal. ETA: Spanked several times. Oooooh.
  7. LOL, damn it, and we got so far without that word coming up. Oh well, at least it took four pages. Looks like me fella made it after all.
  8. Happy Birthday, Robert! Not exactly sure how much he likes it thrown at him that he is sixty today, but, then again, we're all doing it in such a loving way. Kind of makes you wonder if he does read this forum, if not just for today. If so, in case my fella (Steven, kulakhan27) doesn't make it here today, I will offer his birthday wishes as well. From two other Canadians... Cheers!
  9. It has been his bum that has been doing it for me lately, for the most part. Steven and I were watching TSRTS on DVD the other night (the DVD most certainly NOT remain the same from the VHS but anyway) Every time I saw a shot of Rob from behind, I was hypnotized and even commented, when Steven noticed I wasn't paying as much attention when he tried to explain something... "Ergh, you could bounce a quarter off that ass!" to which Steven gently laughed, and we continued. The bulge actually became somewhat tiresome although I think I did make a comment on it at some point during the movie.
  10. Post smiley icon is sleeping there... ZZzzz... I think I've posted this one before, although this is more of a dream than an actual fantasy... after a while I rather found it pointless to fantasize about a man who would never be that age and look that way again... But when I began getting into Zep in earnest, I dreamt that I was in a high school auditorium that looked strikingly like my high school, and I was in a lineup of girls, presumably to see Robert and/or Zeppelin. Suddenly Robert just walks over to me and we begin walking and talking. We go out an emergency exit where we end up walking in a midway type setting, on a gravel path with tents and games and such around us. He mentioned something about me having a demo tape, and I said that I recorded that when I was about ten years old. I feel I am an adult in my 20s, as I am now, in this dream, but the time setting would be around the 80s, possibly when my little dinky demo tape was made, because he had the mullet, yet was wearing a t shirt the same light blue color as the "Nurses do it better", but there didn't appear to be any writing on it. It's the same outfit he wore in that British game show where he got pied in the face... another musician and a little girl were there. It is on YouTube. I then mention that, while I've had a few performances in junior high, Karaoke and whatnot, I lack the confidence he exudes. He begins to wail out an unknown song, to which I think to myself, "Typical him..." and we walk a bit more, whereupon he begins to hold my waist from behind... and I remember feeling excited and confused all at the same time. The whole 'I'm an adult, but this is the 80s, and I was a pre-teen then, and he doesn't look like this now...' thing implodes my mind. In light of me just now remembering that game show clip, I could have been a younger age, but, then again, I think I was tall enough that I would be up to his chin, as I would be now, someone I know is 6'2 and that is how tall I am to him. Which relieves me about the next part... Scene change and we are in the midst of the deed... well, I don't see his face, but I know it is him, but I reach down to see if there is protection involved, and I feel disappointed when I discover that it is, presumably because I know this is a one off thing and, well... wouldn't that be a nice memento? Dream ends. As far as fantasies, I don't think of anything specific but I've looked at him at times and think, speck-tack-you-lar shag he would be. Evidently no woman has complained so I assume it is true. Now that I am content with Steven (kublakhan27), I also feel no need to fantasize about anyone, celebrities included, really...
  11. My Daddy looks like Bonzo and he was also in a band called Spyder. Only Dad played bass... and sang occasionally.
  12. Strange, it is on mine too. "That's gotta be the one, hasn't it?" "Come have a listen then." "Oh, yes, thank you."
  13. Happy Birthday, baby!! xoxoxo We'll get a pic of him in his new Zeppelin apparel sometime this week or so.
  14. There are a couple of items that we can't show you.
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