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  1. I know who I am it is you who does not, I am not aguing with you anymore, your boring and of little importance, to me, please just go away or stay away from me, people round here, are just fed up with you.
  2. Chocolate Easter Egg time.
  3. sorry, but that person is sheer evil, I will not lower myself to reply to anymore of his rantings.
  4. yes your eddie, now I am becoming very bored by you, goodbye,.
  5. Oh eddie, go back to your cave, I am not leaving you are, back to your cave. and I certainly am not falling for that one, wo you can be deported again, the UK deported you remember, your not allowed back TA TA.
  6. jen is known as eddie, it a guy, a funny one, and as far as I am concerned his cover was blown, no more to say, really (wiping hands) and walking away.,.,,,,.........
  7. and,,,,,,,,,,my american boyfriend will soon sort you out, jen,alaiseddie, two people when we all know your one person, that is really sad....
  8. On this forum respect is what you learn, you have been horrible since you arrived. So just go back to where you have come from and take sadcase eddie with you.
  9. Easter weekend, and not to good at the moment, but, Sunday and Monday are looking a little better.
  10. and yes you guessed, person no 2.

  11. It is over as far as I am concerned, I do not try to be two people. Right now I am loved up and happy, roll on May,
  12. your rantings have been ignored, pretending to be two people I feel sorry for you, your more deluded than I thought.
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