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  1. tetelisa

    Whole Lotta Love - Portuguese idol

    FORÇA DIANA!!! |m|
  2. tetelisa

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Humm... Don't know, I don't have too much faith in our portuguese team! We probably wont go so far... And I was talking about my team, S.L.Benfica!!! SLB vs. Wholverhampton would be interesting! Hope Robert forgives me! Benfica would have to win! And speaking of soccer... Who wouldnt like to see this soccer game?
  3. tetelisa

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Yeah, I know about that! Thanks!! It happens that this summer I've become addicted to soccer The picture excited me! So I wanted to know exactly what was it about! Goodness, I just hope that the Wolves will never play against my team! I wouldnt know who to support! I love Robert, but I think I would have to support my team!
  4. tetelisa

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Great pics everyone!!! thanks!! and that one in a soccer field? What's the occasion?
  5. tetelisa

    What's the Last Concert You Attended?

    Xutos e Pontapés!!! The biggest portuguese rock band! They Rock!!! I loved the concert!! And the guitarrist's favorite band is... LED ZEPPELIN!! oh, yeah!!!
  6. tetelisa

    What is "Anniversary" about?

    The song is about Robert's divorce... with Maureen! It's a sad song... The "aniversary" is suposed to be the "birthday" of the divorce... (I hope I'm making any sense)
  7. is rocking when ought to be rolling!

  8. HAPPY B-DAY!!! Oh, my dear... just be happy!!! please!
  9. tetelisa

    What's Everyone Listening To?

    Some Jefferson Airplane
  10. tetelisa

    What does Zeppelin means to you?

    Humm... funny... but somehow hard! LZ mean much more than words, to me! But let's give it a try LZ are my: L - Love E - Everything D - Despair Z - Zen E - Earth P - Precious P - Plant E - Ecstasy L - Life I - Insanity N - Nature