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  1. Hi Some great Zep suggestions so I won't muddy the waters by suggesting any more, but I love my Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen boots. Any of the Tom Petty Bootleg Series would fit the bill mainly great quality recordings from a variety of locations. Andy
  2. Hi, I quite like the Earls Court versions, not sure which is my favourite although the one from the No Quarter bootleg (17th May I think) was a favourite for a long time probably because I had the vinyl bootleg, sadly lost years ago with a dozen or so others. Andy
  3. Hi, Also one of my favourite tours ( I was lucky enough to see them twice at Earls Court, not the USA I know but then I live in the UK), would I change anything I am not a great fan of extended versions of Moby Dick, so could shorten that, maybe D&C as well. No Quarter I love, some great versions during 75. What would I add, always liked The Rover, so maybe that, otherwise I would leave everything as it was. Andy
  4. Hi, Is there a soundboard for the 23 May, I thought it was only available as an audience tape (as are 17 & 18 May). I have a download of the Demand Unprecedented set which is pretty good. Andy
  5. Mainly downloads although I do have about 20 silver discs plus a few CDRs most of which I acquired before downloads were easy to find. Not happy that the bootleggers make money out of me (or was that the guy I bought off) but if it wasn't for them and people who share we wouldn't have the downloads anyway. Andy
  6. Hi I quite like the Earls Court stuff, also Southampton, Blueberry Hill is good, but all choices very subjective, I tend to like different things depending on my mood. Does Jimmy buy bootlegs, I thought the retailers in Japan were happy to let him have what he wanted just for the photo opportunity. Andy
  7. Hi, In the past I wasn't a huge fan of the 1977 boots, but over the years I have grown more fond of them. Overall I tend to prefer the 72-75 period, but enjoy almost anything avaiable in whatever format. kingzoso why just listen to You Tube items why not download them to enjoy when you want? Andy
  8. Hi, Back when bootlegs were fairly easily available (1990s) I paid around £10 for a single around £15-£20 for a 2CD set, but they were never very easy to find so I don't have more than about 15 or so Zep. I look at some of the price when they crop up on ebay and to be honest the prices of most are around £20 per dis which I guess isn't horrendousc, Although I would sometimes like to buy some, given that D/Ls are free I can't see the point anymore, but good that someone with more money than me buys otherwise we wouldn't be able to D/L, so I thank those that do buy and share. Andy
  9. I can't really afford to buy these any more, I have a few silver cds and a number of CDRs, but the vast majority of my collection is downloads, so if nobody buys any most of us will never get the downloads. Andy
  10. Hi, Welcome, a good list I really couldn't limit my best of to one CD though ( what no Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, Rock n Roll), although you seem to favour the more melodic Zep, nice to see Tangerine, which is often overlooked. Andy
  11. Hi, I quite like Sheryl Crow's version of Rock n Roll. Andy
  12. Hi, Same as others I would welcome a new edition, the internet is great and Underground Uprising a site I go to often, but it's nice to have something you can hold and read, my copy (2nd edition) is falling apart and I could do with a replacement. Andy
  13. Hi, 56 here (nearly 57), got into Zep in 1971. Some advantages of age is that I was lucky enough to see them 4 times (1972, twice in 1975 and Knebworth). One of millions that didn't get a ticket for O2. Still listen regularly mainly the live stuff. Andy
  14. Hi, All the official stuff in various formats (except cassettes/8 tracks), an assortment of bootlegs mainly CD but with a few cassettes and a couple on vinyl plus an assortment of live downloads. A great pity they don't release some of the better live stuff officially, at budget prices by using the best sources available and maybe cleaning them up a bit. Call me sad but I would pay for officially released versions of some of the stuff I already have. Andy
  15. Hi Thanks for the link takes me right back to the 70s, some great stuff there even the glam rock bits. Andy
  16. Hi I have a feeling we will miss out, you can get the usual RS mags at WH Smiths, but I doubt this will be readily available in the UK except perhaps in the London area. Andy
  17. Hi, Interesting debate, my view is that if the band released it I would buy it, if they don't release it and I want it I have to look elsewhere, I haven't actually bought many bootlegs in recent years, as you can find most to download, I like physical CDs,but as someone suggested I can burn the downloads to disc. Problem is that most downloads originate from CDs that someone presumably paid for and then uploaded (I am grateful that they have), so I don't think there will ever be a real end to bootleggers making money and if that happens there will be less to download. In truth there c
  18. Hi, Saw it last night at a small cinema part of a multiplex (Ashford Kent), no real issues with the sound which was fairly loud, could have been louder but no complaints. Not as many people as I expected, but about half full, a variety of ages and most seem to enjoy it, although from the comments for quite a few this was their first view/hearing of the concert. No real surprises as I have watched various bootlegs several times but nice to see it as Jimmy intended, Great to see it on the big screen and louder than I will listen to it again. Andy
  19. Hi, I don't have the original album but have it on a CDR, also floating around as a download with some other live Yardbirds tracks which are pretty poor quality. Quite a good concert, shame about the overdubbed audience noise, well worth getting if you find it in any format. Andy
  20. Hi, Depends really, in the car mainly CD, at home mainly CD/MP3 (various Sandisk devices, I don't do Ipods) or direct from my PC, at work MP3. Andy
  21. Hi, Why not make your own, easy enough and you could put what you want on it. There are a few of these compilations round already, the 8CD Cabala one and there is another 5/6 CD one the name of which escapes me. Andy
  22. HI, Stairway from Southampton 1973 (Winston Remaster) Andy
  23. Hi. Thought I had responded to this ages ago but seems not, anyway I'm 56. Looking at the results us old people are in a minority, the average age is scarily young. Still there are some advantages to being old at least we got the chance to see them live (4 times in my case), Andy
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