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  1. so i read this thread as a lot of giberish.. and cotton candy quarrels.. the answer is Going To California right?
  2. Monkeys (: lemons or limes
  3. when you walked aroun in a party hat all day wednesday for robby when every friday you talk only in zeppelin lyrics when you beat a girl up for saying "yeah led zeppelin? hes a cool guy"
  4. i was just genuinely happy today(:
  5. I love it And yes, every time.
  6. 8LadyPlant8


    I work the front desk of a public swimming pool.
  7. Stealing Happy Hours - 311
  8. Oh yeah no I totally get that. Im not saying I dont follow trends. Some things I do like striaghten my hair...The only reason i can think of for doing it is because it looks normal. I was just trying to say that people who say they have nothing to do with trends, and they do. Thats what bothers me is all.
  9. For real. Thats what its all about anyway. Looking a certain way so others think what you want them to about you.
  10. I think its so funny when the emo kids say they are just different, and unique. They say things like "down with 'preps'", Because the "preps" all dress in hollister and american eagle. But then as they sit and have their bitter conversation , I just take a good look at them. They all have the same haircut. Same band T-shirt with the same band jacket over it. same skinny jeans and flat shoes. Same black eyeshadow, and the same song on their same ipods. Yeah. They are so different. They dont follow trends, man. Gah..
  11. Thnks you guys. It really means a lot to me, and I have taken what you said seriously. Just to clarify, its not that I was hoping to change my parents behvior, I figured that was up to them. I'd just like to get some help and support for my brother (1o years old) and I. I always used to confront my recovering alcoholic (7 years sober) uncle. Last saturday night, my parents took him to the bar and got him wasted. ...And then there were 3. For the most part I think I can handle this, and when I cant, there is always this thread. Just knowing that there are decent people who care in the world really helps.
  12. You have no idea how bad I *do* want to talk about it with these people. But I am fifteen years old. I cant drive, the nearest meeting is much too far away, and I cant exactly go ask someone to take me. I will keep looking for some sort of online support, because that is all i can do at this point. Thanks for caring though.
  13. Thanks. I checked it out and as it turns out the only thing there is are meetings. Pretty sure some problems might arise if I asked my parents if I could go to one... But thank you anyway. No, nobody would let me live with them. My parents wouldnt let me leave....I've tried. So thanks. I'll get over it...Only 3 more years right?
  14. My parents are alcoholics. they are literaly sober for maybe 5 hours a day (not counting weekends). When I come home from school, I sit in my room and cry. I just bawl for hours about how much I hate my life. Most of the time There is a sad song on, but lately I have just started to cry for no apperant reason in the silence. sometimes I think about suicide, but most of the time I feel like I deserve to be miserable. I dont know what is wrong with me. When I am at school I am happy and fun, but as soon as i get home I can not stand myself/life/others/anything. I feel so numb. I would like to go to therapy because I dont like feeling this way. Everytime I bring it up, my parent get all nervous and say, "Come on...you dont really need therapy do you? This is just a girl/teenager/hormone/ thing, right?" and then dismiss it. I have stopped asking. I want to confront them about their drinking, but they are *always* at the bar or in the garage so that leaves me to do what I want. When they are gone I pretend i live alone and just get stoned and do what I want. I have dreams that scare me. Some people say the school counselers would help, but I have some serious issues and I am 100% sure that the school can inform your family if a serious problem occurs. My friend have not been able to help or even say anything to me. I am not your average teenager though... I rapidly matured and grew up when I was aroung 9 or 10, and now I think about everything with way to much depth. I think there is something wrong with me. More often than not, I just repress my bad feelings which i know is bad but it does help for a while. I dont want anyone to know because im scared of how serious this may be. I just need some advice from nice people that dont know me. Thanks guys.
  15. So as it turned out, On my way to the cafeteria, said cute boy bought me a sprite. And now i want him to call me. Also I want to be let off my grounding sentence.
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