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  1. phr0z3n

    Pet Peeves

    LoS! Haven't seen you in awhile.
  2. phr0z3n

    Pet Peeves

    I go to a school with a bunch of thugs, so its common where I go to school. Except they have both hands free for holding up their pants, cause half of them don't even bring book bags, much less books lol.
  3. I highly doubt you're going to find it for sale. It's 10 dollars :-P. Maybe used, but the price won't be much different.
  4. Love Pearl Jam.. Especially after I figured out what the song Jeremy meant... That's so tragic.
  5. phr0z3n

    Pet Peeves

    I'm 13, by the way. Maybe a better choice is a "doofus" then?
  6. phr0z3n

    Pet Peeves

    Uh, no.. I said it made you look gay in my opinion. I didn't say wearing shorts that don't cover your kneecaps means you are automatically gay. Thanks for blowing it out of proportion.
  7. phr0z3n

    Pet Peeves

    I wear ghetto stuff that actually fits me. :-). It's only my shorts though, I just cant stand "regular" shorts. Especially those kind that don't cover your kneecap- it makes guys look gay in my opinion. I usually wear Dickies or Ecko, and polo shirts or a band shirt of some kind.
  8. Dunno if it is as good as August and Everything After. It's sort of a concept album, the first half being Saturday nights, parties, getting drunk, finding yourself, etc. You know, rockin'. The second half is more mellow- Sunday mornings.. Being hungover, remember last nights events- more acoustic-based. To be honest, I believe it's their best effort since the debut. EDIT: They have a free release of 1492 and When I Dream of Michelangelo on their website.
  9. Anyone else a fan? Saturday Nights & Sunday Morning just came out today(March 25th). Pretty good record.
  10. phr0z3n

    Pet Peeves

    A little bit of sagging is OK, but if your pants are under your ass, then damn, how do you walk?
  11. phr0z3n

    Pet Peeves

    Wal-Mart. People who refer to all soft drinks as "Coke." People who hate a band just because their mainstream. People who call anything "emo." Not having caffeine. Microsoft. Linux nerds that think Linux owns everything-meet your creator- UNIX. Linux losers who bash Microsoft and then really give no reason to do it, they just do it because its the "trendy" thing to do (Microsoft still sucks, but I hate these people that are like "WINDOWS SUCKS! WHY? CUZ... UH... YA NOT SECURE.." Wow.. that really proves a lot.
  12. Yeah, I'm listening to it a day before it's released... Got a problem with it?
  13. Soundgarden rocks.

  14. I'm kinda like you. Except, in school, I'm usually the guy everyone knows. There are people that know me that I don't even know.. But I never talk to any of them out of school.. I just kinda kick back and listen to music, it helps me deal with a lot of stuff.
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