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  1. Mine was more of a general statement, rather than directly aimed at you, but still, I don't get how fans of classic rock and such don't appreciate Paul Rodgers more overwhelmingly.. He's a gem among most of the rocks!
  2. The way to hear Paul Rodgers is Free or Bad Company... People who are judging him on the Queen stuff are going it at arse backwards if you ask me..
  3. Paul Rodgers' work with Free alone should get him into any top 3 of classic/blues/rock singers... Don't people listen to Free these days or something? His set of pipes circa 1970 were unrivaled.
  4. Damn, I hope ZZ Top are still tagging along when they get to Europe..
  5. Apparently, Roger's drum tech let it slip that they'll be touring sometime in 2010.. That's only a rumour so far though..
  6. That is pretty much a rip off of Eddie Hazel's sound, you're right. Even some of the note choices and phrasing could be lifted straight out of one of Eddie's solos, not to mention the echoing stuff, which is pure funkadelic... Yeah, it's great making a nod to your influences, but i'm not so sure about it in this instance..
  7. As you can tell from my avatar, I'm one of the biggest Cornell/Soundgarden/Temple Of the Dog fans. I've seen Chris twice and it blew me away! I still say that the opening 4 tracks from Badmotorfinger are the most devastatingly awesome of any album i've heard. I can listen to them over and over and over!
  8. I'm not sure about some aspects of it, i.e. Howard Leese on second guitar but I'm glad Paul is carrying on performing in the spotlight. Doing his style of music again.
  9. I think he is just the best at keeping it simple, but ultra creative. I mean, he basically spawned a style a guitar playing! His influence is everywhere in heavy guitar music. He came up with all the riffs you wish you had.
  10. I thought his autobiography was such an interesting read. Proved to me what a dichotomy his private and public lives were. He was really a very sad individual when in the depths of addiction.
  11. Soundgarden rocks.

  12. i agree noora. quite handsome, jim!

  13. Jim

    Thanks for the comment! You're too kind! :)

  14. noora

    You look like Jim Morrison, so you're very handsome! =D

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