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  1. Hi daisy may,i am dodge from the uk.i am a new member of the zep forum and just thought i would say hello,if you dont mind.I am 48 and have been a zep fan for 35 years.I have been lucky to have seen them twice.I would love to have seen them recently at the reunion in London but the tickets were well outside my budget.I would like to hear from you as i am still awaiting my first reply.see ya

  2. Hi i am dodge from the uk,and i have just joined the zep forum.I was browsing through profiles and you caught my eye.So i thought i would say hello.I have been a zep fan for 35 years and have seen them twice in the uk,both times in the early seventies.I would love to hear from you just to chat,as i said i am new to this and am still awaiting my first reply.see ya.

  3. How envious am i ,i would love to have been there,but alas i was;nt.I was,however lucky enuogh to have seen them twice in the seventies,in72 in manchester and in 75 at earls court and they were stunning both times .I am so glad that you got your wish and that you were not disappointed.Keep on rockin.

  4. Hi California girl,i am dodge from the uk,just thought i would say hello if you dont mind.I have been a zep fan for over 35 years,ever since the first time i heard rock and roll in 1971.Do send a reply ,i would love to hear about those great days in california with the peace and love movement.See ya.

  5. Hi Channon,i am dodge from the uk.I first saw zep in 172 at age 13,i guess you can work out from that how old i am[i recently became a grandad],i just want to say how great it ts to see zep fans of all ages and from all over the world.Keep rockin.

  6. Twice,the first time december 7 Manchester England.The second time may 24 Earls court London.I wish it could have been more but i guess i have to be happy to have seen them twice.
  7. Hi gina62,I am dodge from the uk.I have just joined the forum and wanted to say hello.I have been a zep fan for 35 years,and have seen them live twice,the first time in 72 and again in 75.It is great to see so many zep fans all over the world and of all ages.As i said i am a new member and still awaiting my first reply,so heres hoping.

  8. Hi Hotplant,i am dodge from the uk.Just wanted to say hello and how damn fine you look for a 98 year old.I am a new member and have had no replies yet,so heres hoping.see ya.

  9. Hi,i am dodge from the uk,i am a new member,just wanted to say hello.It is great to see zep fans all over the world,specially sunny california.

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