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  1. ohhh my SPACEWOMAN your super powers must be runnin low here drink from my lovin cup <(_) and carry on..... much love to all u girls. ya got good taste!!
  2. happy birthday!! belated but nonetheless

  3. U girls and guys(LOL) r killin me!! killing me softly~~ Thank you, I'll die smilin~~hehe
  4. Why yes ady I think I do mean fluff. Its been a while since I have had any albums. I got master of reality for christmas when I was 15....Into the void is on that one too I believe and sweet leaf, I love you Sweet leaf.....and I do love embryo too...I love instrumentals that rock!! Thanks for the correction Although I should probably be wearin that brown bag over my head!!
  5. welll yes, yes, yes my other favorite band in the whole wide world....I do love sabbath, all the albums..embryo..is kinda special to me off sabbath bloody sabbath. And hooray for u who it was to just get the debut album. I do really love that one too. "what is this that stands before me? figure in black......" And of course Ozzy solo, especially the randy years. I won't make a list l love it all! I couldn't get real into sabbath without ozzy though...and it wasn't that their music wasn't good it just missed that certain sound. awwwww hell now I've gone and reminded me of another situation.....shiiiit I hope they do one more reunion with ozzy, one I won't miss this time. I did get to see ozzy last summer at FREEFEST! And he did some sabbath and it was freakin awesome.
  6. HOT DAMN Thanks to the guys on fbo and getty images!!
  7. good to meet ya lori J!! all the best, katy

  8. I do have a few actually, different genres and everything. Of late, definately Harry Potter!! Best thing since sliced bread as grams would say--maybe a little dramatic there but I loooove the movies..and my gramma really did witness the advent of sliced bread...course she lived in rural wisconsin growing up. and Lord of the Rings! Anybody ever see this one, maybe early 70's. This gang of teens learns if they die happy and willingly, maybe some kind of somethin else chant, prayer, somethin honestly don't remember, they will come back to life. So they all start killin themselves, happily and do come back to life. Somethin to do with a toad, i think, and they all die. Man it was funny, one guy gets buried on his bike and rides out of his grave when he comes back, someone jumps off an overpass into the hwy. They all got these smiles on their faces...it was hilarious and creepy. Which reminds me of one other, a vampire movie, It had sampson in the title but I can't remember the name and have never run across it again. It was a coven a female vampires, and only this one guy could kill em. I love horror, fantasy, some sci fi. The scariest thing I've seen in the last 20 yrs, can't say why exaclty, but Strange Days. omg that movie had me freaked--I was checkin windows and everything, while putting together easter baskets. there were probably some other contributing factors. Saddest movie I ever watched was day of the dolphin?... I was young maybe 7 or 8 and I ran to mom cryin my eyes out, "do you know what they do to the dolphins?" They strap bombs to em an send em after subs and ships and stuff. omg I was really inconsolable. or is it un? saddest until titanic...that is. Damn I was cryin before the thing ever started, as soon as the music started. And the whole theater was ballin by the end. that was an experience for sure. ohhh and schindlers list--So glad spielberg made that one. Matter a fact I seem to enjoy just about everyone of his movies. and Ron Howard, He really turned up some great stuff too. happy days!! I just gotta stop....
  9. heres another at my own expense--happy to oblige Long story short I'm pretty positive I asked Roger Daltry if he knew who the special guests were at the key club, rock ms auction. Then I said,"I was hopin for jimmy page!" I hope yall are busting a gut here!! This will top ya off. After lookin at me, with that," I cannot believe this," look on his face, one of the other two guys says to me, "its elvis" and laughed "with me"--Hey at least I gave them a good laugh. I'm sure I will be remembered for a bit anyway!! Where is my freakin sign for the whole story u can visit my myspace, same username. I hope they weren't too terribly offended.
  10. Yes many thanks for all the great music and for bringin the boys together again in your passing. What a way to be remembered hey!!
  11. "its labrador" lmao-good memories of cheech and chong--wish they'd get back together for somethin. love chong on that 70's show.
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