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  1. only you all on here. and I don't really know any of ya.
  2. He really did rock it out huh!! His was the most exciting of all the performances last night for sure.
  3. I think that each was an element of their own right and together it was a whole nother dimension~a fifth element.... or could be this from wikipedia many traditional Chinese theory field, matters and its developmental movement stage can be classified into the Wu Xing (Chinese: 五行; pinyin: wǔxíng), or the Five Movements, Five Phases or Five Steps/Stages, traditionally translated as Five Elements. Note that the Wu Xing are chiefly an ancient mnemonic device for systems with 5 stages; hence the preferred translation of "movements", "phases" or "steps" over "elements". The movements are: Tree (Chinese: 木, pinyin: mù) Fire (Chinese: 火, pinyin: huǒ) Earth (Chinese: 土, pinyin: tǔ) Metal (Chinese: 金, pinyin: jīn) Water (Chinese: 水, pinyin: shuǐ) The system of five phases was used for describing interactions and relationships between phenomena. It was employed as a device in many fields of early Chinese thought, including seemingly disparate fields such as geomancy or Feng shui, astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, music, military strategy and martial arts. Generating The common memory jogs, which help to remind in what order the phases are, are: Tree feeds Fire; Fire creates Earth (ash); Earth bears Metal; Metal carries Water (as in a bucket or tap, or water condenses on metal); Water nourishes Tree. Other common words for this cycle include "begets", "engenders" and "mothers." [edit] Overcoming Tree parts Earth; Earth absorbs Water; Water quenches Fire; Fire melts Metal; Metal chops Tree. Also: Tree absorbs Water; Water rusts Metal; Metal breaks up Earth; Earth smothers Fire; Fire burns Wood. This cycle might also be called "controls", "restrains" or "fathers".
  4. katydidgood

    GRAMMY Results

    WHOOOOOHOOOOO, CONGRATULATIONS......ROBERT AND ALISON AND T-BONE AND CO. I am so happy for you all!! It won JIMMY, it won. smilin from ear to ear over here......and a couple tears of JOY.
  5. Now boys...................lets stop all the name calling mmmkaaay
  6. ha I like emotional rescue and the bee gees lol
  7. and I just wanted to say again THANK YOU!! FOR ALL YOUR HELP LED ZEP FANS ARE THE GREATEST
  8. Thanks so much!! I wanted to show yall this one I found Ludwig Pinnacle Complete 5 Piece Drum Set comes with Shells, Cymbals, Hardware and Sticks; Everything you need to play in one box! Shells made from Basswood, the Pinnacle is an excellent drum set for anyone looking for a smooth even sound from its high top-end of its chiming cymbals, to the low-bottom of the Kick. Ready to play right out of the box, this kit comes with an 8-ply bass drum, snare and 3 (6-ply) toms. Not to mention the fact that you get double braced stands, a kick pedal, drum throne, cymbals and even sticks to bang out your beat. 22x18 inch Bass Drum 5.5x14 snare 10x8 & 12x9 inch rack toms 16x14 floor tom all for 449, free shipping and free extended warranty? I'm looking back at your snare drum suggestions. Will this do? We can always get a supraphonic for his bday if he takes to it huh?
  9. Lmao, hah! He has played his pillows for awhile too! and yes Levee I will follow the advice. Our town is so little, and this guy has a small music shop thats why hes priced so high. I kinda feel for him~everyone tryin to make a buck ya know~ Thanks everyone for all your input, I'll let ya know what I end up with!!
  10. well went down to our little music store. An ol little house. Anyway he had one set out. but it is so nice Its a peace 6 piece with three cymbals hi-hat crash and what did ya say ride...with stands and a throne for 1295. I like the color, tobacco fade. But he also has a 5 piece peace legion with 2 cyms and stands. and will throw in an extra cymbal stand for 689. Honestly I just like the name still looking
  11. Thanks that was really helpful. I think he will be a heavy hitter. He has never played but when he is pissed or frustrated or sometimes even happy he taps and bangs on things and sometimes I've noticed a rythm so I figure why not see what happens. He may or may not stick to it. I think I will go ahead and spend a little more. I did see some kits for 499 or so. a couple a more ? shell kit? just the drum no stand/hardware? what is good a start three drums w/cymbals or the five piece without cymbals~~~ahhh hes got to have some cymbals thanks~a~bunch
  12. sounds pretty interesting!! I wish you great success!!
  13. I am picking out a drum set for my 16 yr ol son,ben. Musicians friend has a pulse 5 pc w/hardware and cymbal stands everything basically but a throne for 295~scratch and dent~ I can't spend a fortune on a pearl or whatnot but is pulse any good or is it really bad? Appreciate any input yall might have and still checking my swap sheet. Many thanks
  14. Welcome!! I'm sure you will find much ado to keep you busy here! Best wishes to you
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