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  1. I am so happy! I was able to get tickets to the TCV Chicago show for May!! I can't wait. I have never seen JPJ live. I have seen Jimmy with The Firm and Robert a couple years ago with Alison. I bought the TCV cd the day it was released and had been listening to it even before then since they had it out on youtube to listen to. Haven't gotten tired of listening to it yet! I am counting down the days till May 18th!!!
  2. LOL! That is what I thought too, a mirror.
  3. I attended the 3/2/85 Wichita,KS show. I realize the pics you posted weren't from that show but that one of Jimmy with his bow and the lasers brought back memories of the show I saw in KS.
  4. I enjoyed reading your Jimmy Page book also. I'll be on the lookout for your new book!
  5. That is too bad there isn't any video. I remember your post that you were looking for the Wichita Eagle Beacon article that was published. I don't have a copy of it since I wasn't living in Wichita at the time and wasn't aware of the article till I read your post about it on here.
  6. Yes I was! I haven't met anyone else either that was at that show!
  7. I would love to see some video of the 3/2/85 Wichita show since I attended it but haven't stumbled onto any.
  8. I guess he's not any different than any of us and likes to rock out at home!
  9. Worked that time! Nice collection of stubs!
  10. I still have my original album I bought when it was released back then. I was aware of the water trick back then and had to try it with my copy. I still have the brown sleeve it was packaged in also. Not for sure how good the lp would sound since I played it repeatedly over and over back then too! I don't have a turntable anymore to find out.
  11. Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing them with us!
  12. That is my favorite scene in IMGL! Jimmy looks so relaxed and having fun. Besides the deleted scenes on the dvd, I just love watching that one!!
  13. They were great on ACL!! I missed the first song cause I fell asleep, but woke up in time to see the rest of the show. They will have the entire show on their website (PBS-ACL) usually in the next day or so. After seeing them tonight, it makes me want to see them even more at a live show. I am hoping they will make it back to Chicago or come to St. Louis this Spring or Summer!!
  14. Thanks for posting this-I hadn't heard of it till your post! Great lineup for the ticket price.
  15. A few on here have already mentioned this one "Hurt" Johnny Cash: I am not a big fan of Johnny Cash and when I heard he had done one of NIN's songs I was really suprised. It has always been a haunting/moving song when NIN did it: but when Johnny covered the song, he really brought true emotion to it.
  16. Thanks everybody for sharing your experiences of the show last night. I really hope TCV makes it back to Chicago or to St. Louis this Spring or Summer. I would love to see them live!
  17. Very interesting program. I find it weird that he never had listened to anything off HOTH before going back to visit the site of the album cover photo shoot or knew much about Zep! I guess I just figured since he had been on one their album covers he would have listened to their songs and be familar with the band at some point in his life before now.
  18. That was cool when Ashton said that at the end! I am sure it did boost SNL ratings having TCV on tonight. The only reason I tuned in was because of TCV.
  19. He really was moving and grooving on both songs and looked like he was having a good time and happy! He seems to really be enjoying himself in TCV!
  20. Looks like Dave Grohl snuck into one of the skits as the drummer in the wedding band.
  21. They sounded great on New Fang! It was worth the pain to sit throught the show to see them for both songs!
  22. I have to agree. I haven't watched SNL much lately and it has gotten bad. The show isn't even funny anymore. It is painful watching this! TCV should be back on soon for their 2nd song
  23. Crap! I fell alseep so I missed the beginning of the show but woke up in time to catch TCV and the their first song, Mind Eraser, No Chaser. They sounded great!
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