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  1. January 22, 1973 - Southampton Robert's voice is definitely hurting but they are on fire at this gig!
  2. Having spent 25 of my 38 years in California I can say this much... If you don't know how to have a good time don't bother going there.
  3. This is one of those subjects that always bites me in the ass when I talk about it. 6/21 and 6/23/77 are among my top five favorite Zeppelin gigs. I even have a vinyl boot of 6/23 which is smokin' hot. The thing that hurts the most is the fact that on June 23rd, 1977 I was celebrating my birthday a mere 45 minutes from the Forum. Trouble was, I was only 7. Had I been 17 I can assure you I would have been partying my ass off in Inglewood.
  4. Two shows by The Runaways? I wonder which one of them he fancied. Interesting read-up. Thanks.
  5. I wish I could share the entire show here. Both sets are just scorching. Early Zeppelin is just so raw... so much more bluesy and downright Earth shattering. Damn I love those early shows! 22 minute HMMT anybody?
  6. I can't say as his ashes were spread there. But like Mr. Jones has commented the ashes were interred there. Interment usually means burial. I found an interesting read on this. How accurate it is I cannot say but an interesting read nonetheless. Written before the O2 Arena gig.
  7. Quite right. As it were, Bonzo was cremated. The headstone is a place for folks to go and pay their respects. Yeah. I like that photo. Very cool.
  8. There is. But unless you're near the Rushock Parish Church, Worcestershire you won't find it.
  9. Thanks for the heads up Luke. Fwiw, I only paid $10 for that Israeli copy of III. I limit my budget for collecting things like that. It's more or less a novelty item... a conversation piece, if you will.
  10. ^^^That's quite possibly the best one ever.
  11. Got my Israeli copy of Led Zeppelin III on green vinyl just a little while ago. Very interesting this one. It's Martian green and when you hold it up to the light it has these crazy psychedelic swirls in it. The album and the sleeve are both mint. No spinning wheel or gatefold. Each side is mislabeled as you'll see in the following pictures.... Counterfeit? This album looks old. If they did a counterfeit it's a damn good one. Regardless, I love collecting stuff like this. Another oddity for the growing collection.
  12. Yeah it is. I simply can't believe that Zep sold so few albums in their own country. Baffling. Zeppelin's total record sales in America = 98.5 million I realize the U.S. is much bigger than the U.K. though, so I'm not surprised by this number.
  13. I once heard somewhere that Zeppelin never released a radio single in the U.K. I've never seen that validated but it may be the reason they weren't as popular there as opposed to here in the U.S. And like Styrbjorn said there were many other popular bands to choose from. What I can validate is the absolute insanity and rabid passion for Zep here in the United States. Back when they started we didn't have a whole lot of hard rock bands around. Led Zeppelin came at a time when psychedelic hippie shit was on it's way out and people were looking for something new. In essence, Zep filled a huge hole and were well received as a breath of fresh air. Plus they toured here relentlessly and built a very loyal fanbase. Any band that does that is bound to draw a lot of attention. Personally I have been listening to them for over 27 years now. I feel in love with them at a very early and impressionable age. I know there are fans on this board that have been listening to them much longer than I have. Of all the bands that I enjoy Led Zeppelin is still on top of the chart.
  14. Yeah I thought so too. I just picked it up on eBay a couple of days ago. The album was printed in Isreal... or at least that's where it came from. I should have it next week sometime and I'll post pics of it. Doubt I'll give it a spin because I have the recent release of III on 200gram vinyl. THAT sounds incredible.
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