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  1. Sorry,that should have read Gilad Atzmon and The Orient House Ensemble. But you all knew that anyway. Thanks for being too polite to point out my error. He/they were very good indeed.Beach House on Wednesday.The fun just never stops...
  2. Gilad Azmon tonight and then Beach House on Wednesday.
  3. I saw Acoustic Ladyland in Bristol on Friday night[Nov 12].A superb set of what has been described as 'punk funk jazz'.Not really an adequate description but covers the general approach-intense and dynamic-tight but loose,if you will!!.Not so sure about the 'funk' element ,although there are tunes that develop into pulverising grooves.'Jazz' is easier-all formally-trained musicians from various music colleges ,playing with an utter lack of coolness or detachment.Sweaty,fierce and despite my rambling,very hard to accurately pin down.Wonderful music.
  4. Books,the newspaper and stuff on the net.Obviously. Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess.The Portable atheist,edited and compiled byChristopher Hitchens and Long Player,Goodbye byTravis Elborough.Those are the books,for now. The Guardian in paper form,maybe once or twice a week.Various websites,including Z net, New Economics Foundation,Richard Dawkins.net,Guardian football,Facebook,just once a week for that one,various local news and entertainment sites,and a Led Zep site that I drop in to once in a while..obviously.
  5. The Amnesiac by Sam Taylor The North of England Home Service by Gordon Burn Those Feet by David Winner
  6. Seldom seen kid-Elbow Dig Lazarus Dig-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Vantage Point-Deus Live at The Filmore-Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  7. I'm reading 'The Manuscript found in Saragossa' by Jan Potocki. Saw the film,which is called 'The Saragossa Manuscript' a little while ago and loved it. So....thought I'd give the book a try. Also reading a history of Tea but can't remember the author.It's at home:I'm at work.
  8. The Blessing at the end of Sept.Very good too,although I think I may have mentioned them here before.Tonight..NeonNeon[last night now,28th]inBristol.Late 70's/early80's electro/dance sums them up.Sort of New Order and Pet Shop Boys-ish.Not going to go down too well here,is it,really?Fine band and very entertaining too. Next is Mercury Rev....bye for now!!
  9. Listening-Vantage Point by Deus,Stax 50th Anniversary Box set and Mezzanine by Massive Attack. Not all at once. Reading-In Europe by Geert Mak
  10. Not exactly sure...maybe Wayne Hussey and Miles Hunt in Bristol,23rd August. Wasn't much of a fan of The Mission or Wonderstuff but a few people I know are/were so it may be more of a reunion,catching up with old friends type of evening. We'll see. Pretty definite is Massive Attack in Manchester in September.Saw them earlier this Summer and just at the moment it may well have been the best show I've seen in a decade,at least. Off to London this weekend so if there's anything interesting on there,that'll be the next one...
  11. Saw The Blessing this afternoon in Queen Square, Bristol. Some of you here may know them because Clive Deamer plays drums with them.Or at least he usually does.....no show from him today[it was yesterday, now, if you see what I mean..] Still...they're a great band and well worth standing in the rain to watch and listen. Recommended-The Blessing.
  12. UK 1)Queen by miles 2)Pink Floyd 3) Zeppelin Euro-really? 'By miles' are you sure? I saw Queen twice in the 1970's and they were just another rock band that you could see if you wanted to. No real sense of significance about their shows.No real sense of occasion or of being at an'event'other than a show by a good band. Zeppelin,on the other hand...the announcement of the Knebworth show[and then the second show,announced just after] was and still is probably the single biggest concert announcement I can recall.Until the O2 show, that is. As has been pointed out here, Queen embraced video technology very early on .They also released and assiduously promoted singles from every album, which boosted their profile and kept them in the public eye in a very professional way. I tend to think of Queen as a very good, hard-working pop group. Their profile and image was almost as big than Zep's by 1979 and these increased on through the 80's But...by 1979 they'd done nothing to compare with the Knebworth shows and their album sales excluding best of/big hits/greatest etc were small in comparison with Zep at that point. The single most significant thing that happened to Queen was that Zep withdrew in 1980,at which point Queen's career takes off and they approach ,but only approach[not actually arrive at,let alone surpass] Zep's popularity here[England]
  13. The next band I'm going to see is Tinariwen, on Thursday. Then, on Saturday,Spiritualized. One band I've never seen before and am very much looking forward too, followed by one of my favourite live bands.Mmmm!!
  14. Here' s the news, in summary...John Henry Bonham is dead, as has been pointed out previously on this very thread. Jason is his son. Here's the big idea..they're not the same person. It might just be possible that they do things in different ways.Maybe. Could some people here just allow that possibility? Please? Let Jason do what he feels is right and let Jimmy,John Paul and Robert be the judges[if any judges are actually required..] of his performance. They were actually onstage with him.All this" I'm a drummer you know.." stuff looks a little over-assertive[and, paradoxically, insecure but the 2 traits do go together, I'm told,]to say the least. He drummed. You didn't. He did it his way. Cue Paul Anka...
  15. Believe me,I know. I wouldn't have it any other way! This board has its own unique charm and feel to it. It's the punters what do it, I'm led to believe...
  16. y'all see...i can see how this will pan out....knebworth 1. that's it. a pussy show compared with some sort of show that the band forgot to play or could have attracted 370,000 to[but it was cancelled in boise idaho ?] yep..that'll be american money being bigger than ...euros now or somewhathing? no...there actually only were real people at that real show, so...sorry...
  17. my,my,my, maybe 200,000 or something people at the first Knebworth show? What's not usually stated is that the show was advertised as just led zeppelin on an otherwise blank page in the large format nme,sounds and melody maker. The support bands were added much later. The initial ad's just had Led Zeppelin at the top ,lots of space and ticket details at the bottom. So, then..the first K'worth show will be the answer....or is it...I always trust and hope that a simple ,direct answer can be twisted, turned, misunderstoodand and subjected to all sorts of over-assertive nonsense. Without it..
  18. the answer to myquestion is Ian G, isn't it? Since I first asked, I checked with a friend who's a big fan of Da Purps and ,eventually,under close questioning and with some persuasion, he said that Mr G was the man who had to don the curly wig and put on a Black Country accent. Got him through the audition ok.Did well for himself,too. This person is a bona-fide D.p fan who harbours no illusions about Rocky Blockhead's much-touted[by himself, mainly]'integrity'or 'artistry'.He confirmed the Zep-related reasons for the transfer-window purchase of a hairy singerman with occasional bongos. Should really have asked the mate first but this board is the source of mucho Bigrock wisdom and humour so I felt sure someone would know, and someone else would disagree and there'd be a debate of sorts.And they did! And there was!! Cheers a lot.Still a bit sad that it wasn't Davy Croonerdale though...
  19. Thanks. My guess was that the answer was indeed Ian Gillian Gillam, of that parish,who was invited to 'come on down and be Robert Plant'. Just the faintest chance that it may have been Northwinds Dave was enough to amuse me, though. Fine singers, one and all. Thanks again,everyone.
  20. Just to add a little spice to this thread....can anyone remember which singer joined Deep Purple in response to an ad asking for 'A Led Zep/Plant-type singer' ? Was it Ian Gillan? Or was it...Mavis Coverdwell? I honestly can't recall but i think the answer may shed a little light on this question. Thank you!
  21. Indeed and yes. A fine band. Only saw them once live, on what I seem to recall was the Pump tour at Wembley Arena. They played pretty much all the songs I like-Sweet Emotion,Dream On, Draw the line, Toys in the attic[which I've also seen REM play] Back in the saddle,Mama Kin,Sick as a dog,and plenty from Pump.I'd say that[pump] is my favourite of theirs, simply because the production and the songs seem to 'fit' well and it's just the right side of glossy/commercial,for me. I guess what I hear in stuff of theirs is a band that are influenced by Zep and seem to have a little bit of the same spirit about them. To me,they play rock and roll and soul/groove influenced music rather than just 'rock'.Oh and I like 'Live bootleg' too,just for the rawnwss of it. Presence for me,too,but it IS just my opinion-nothing definitive or decisive about it,as if there could be!
  22. Is this true,or isn't it? As a fan of Radiohead[and R.P obviously..] I hope not. If he doesn't like them,it makes no difference ,though. No one has actually disproved this, in the same way that The Sun probably can't actually prove it,either.All we're left with,as so often here, is assertion and counter-assertion. Oh well..
  23. Thanks, Ghost. Nice to have that sorted out.It's nagged at me for a long time but even supposedly-serious Jane's Addiction fans didn't see it or just didn't know. Cheers!
  24. I've been meaning to ask...is 'Perry Farrell' a deliberate play on words,as in 'Peripheral'-someone on the periphery,or on the edge, or near the boundaries? I've noticed you placed him top of your 'likes' list so maybe you know where the name comes from?Happy New Year, by the way.
  25. I lik this thread.It's got me thinking about a really basic part of the relationship with music and songs in particular.Rather than the minutiae of ' this moment,this song,that show' type of threads,it's interesting and refreshing to think on this sort of level. So...I'll add- LIKES- Elizabeth Fraser Arthur Lee Stevie Wonder Prince Alison Goldfrapp Chuck D Cee-Lo Green DISLIKES- 90% of the new piano/ acoustic guitar troubadours we seem to be plagued with in England. Such as Newton Faulkner Katie Melua Jose Gonzalez Jack Johnson Norah Jones etc,etc,etc.
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