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  1. Yep, that's the setlist. What interests me is why W.L.L was moved from encore to before Kashmir? Also, who chose those particular 8 songs? Is that the only possible selection of songs that would fill the allotted time? Songtitles on the screen? So many questions....
  2. Just a brief contribution....I seem to recall that when Montrose started out,their stated intention was to be the American Led Zeppelin.There was some other stuff about Zep playing'American music' and an real American band should be doing what they[iE-Zep] do. Have a listen to that first Montrose record and see if that description/mission statement fits. Caveat-this is just from memory,albeit a strong memory that has been checked a few times.I seem to recall that the whole thing came from a position of respect but there was a definite sense of wanting to knock Zep off their perch,as it were.Ma
  3. Sorry,that should have read Gilad Atzmon and The Orient House Ensemble. But you all knew that anyway. Thanks for being too polite to point out my error. He/they were very good indeed.Beach House on Wednesday.The fun just never stops...
  4. Gilad Azmon tonight and then Beach House on Wednesday.
  5. I saw Acoustic Ladyland in Bristol on Friday night[Nov 12].A superb set of what has been described as 'punk funk jazz'.Not really an adequate description but covers the general approach-intense and dynamic-tight but loose,if you will!!.Not so sure about the 'funk' element ,although there are tunes that develop into pulverising grooves.'Jazz' is easier-all formally-trained musicians from various music colleges ,playing with an utter lack of coolness or detachment.Sweaty,fierce and despite my rambling,very hard to accurately pin down.Wonderful music.
  6. Hmmm,again. For clarity's sake-there are big adverts inThe Metro newspaper which state that RP will be appearing with JA and JC. These are official,O2-logo'd ads,advertising the Rockwell show as a whole and not just RP's part in it.Either the ads are just plain wrong -which is not unthinkable,to be fair-or the identities of at least 2 of his collaborators is a litle more solid that just rumour.I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one who's seen these ads.Indeed ,I suspect there may be loads of lposts mentioning this very thing.The intention of my' ironic' post was to steer the chat away
  7. Oh good,deliberate misunderstanding! I said "they" meaning JA and JC,not referring to a place at all. I live in England.I know where the O2 is,cheers.
  8. Books,the newspaper and stuff on the net.Obviously. Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess.The Portable atheist,edited and compiled byChristopher Hitchens and Long Player,Goodbye byTravis Elborough.Those are the books,for now. The Guardian in paper form,maybe once or twice a week.Various websites,including Z net, New Economics Foundation,Richard Dawkins.net,Guardian football,Facebook,just once a week for that one,various local news and entertainment sites,and a Led Zep site that I drop in to once in a while..obviously.
  9. Hmmm!! I saw Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara in Bristol yesterday.That's not really relevant to this thread though,is it.. nothing at all to do with this O2 thing,are they?
  10. Yes, I know that's what you were asserting. I also know that you didn't imply,assert,aver,insinuate or in any way at all give anyone any reason to think that you may for a moment believe that Rodney and Co were indeed " the band in question" On a slightly different note;it seems to me that the 'teenage boy' thing is just a bit odd.A huge,pre-punk band,with a predominantly teenage male following?Hmmm!
  11. Good, lovely. The Faces may well be reforming and they may well be doing it with Flea[instead of Ronnie Lane or Tetsu Yamauchi or whoever..] but..do 'we' really think that this is the 'second only to Zep' reformation promised for 2009? Tell you what...I'll keep an eye on the size of venues they play and the ticket demand. I'm sure they'll be fine and super but -and I know this doesn't apply to you,Aquamarine-asserting that 'this is it' doesn't make it fit the description that this thread is based on. Hope you all enjoy Rod and The Lads!!
  12. The Amnesiac by Sam Taylor The North of England Home Service by Gordon Burn Those Feet by David Winner
  13. also try Royal Orleans,Wanton Song and Fool In The Rain.Maybe Custard Pie,too...
  14. Thanks. I'm not really campaigning on anyone's behalf,but I can see what you mean from the general tone of my posts on this topic. Your social engineering/PC comments are apposite too and I agree, for what it's worth. I was really looking for some sort of explanation for this chart,that's all.It seems I've not really got that,as such, but I have seen a lot of very interesting and informative comments here. There are plenty of women I'd put in the chart too,nearly all of whom have been named here by one person or another.Just seems odd that all of those creative people are ignored so completel
  15. The best band I saw last year were The Massive Attack Group,twice. Keeping it 'real' and 'local' as I like to do,means that I can also thoroughly recommend Get The Blessing aka The Blessing. Lovely! On the same 'local'tip' we and I enjoyed Daisy Chapman doing her singing thing. Top pop was also performed byTinariwen,Spiritualized{as always}NeonNeon,The Zutons,Phantom Limb and loads of others too and also.As well. In fact as soon as I press 'send' I'll remember loads more...
  16. This 'll probably have to be my last comment on this thread for a while but I will keep an eye on it .I'm asking questions because I'd genuinely like to know if the worldview of Classic Rock fans is as it seems from looking at this poll.I'm very aware of the methodological issues and problems behind a poll such as this but still...the glaring exclusion of women seems very odd indeed.I don't think' methodological problems' can entirely explain such a big omission It seems that there are plenty of women candidates but they seem to be left out for not being'rock' enough or for daring to make mus
  17. Seldom seen kid-Elbow Dig Lazarus Dig-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Vantage Point-Deus Live at The Filmore-Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  18. Indeed it is an interesting list. Just to add to the debate,I reckon maybe 20 of these singers could be in the 'Greatest etc etc of etc ever' list on exactly the same criteria as the men that were listed. I still have a suspicion that there are double standards being applied here. Careful now...I'm not interested in asserting that Woman X is better than Man Y]or vice-versa].My point is that the Classic Rock genre seems to allow men to move in and out of various musical forms[and still be an exponent ofClassic Rock and thus worthy of consideration] but not women.
  19. You do realise that Planet Rock is a 'Classic Rock' radio station, which basically means it caters for mainly hard rock/heavy metal fans which happens to be a very male dominant form of music. This may explain why you found the list somewhat narrow minded. There are not many women in the list because there simply aren't many women in the hard rock/heavy metal genre. I wouldn't take the list too seriously. Thanks, Mr E. Your comments have helped me clarify my thoughts. Yes, I did understand what I was listening to. I guess you've hit the very centre of my feelings and ideas on this. What t
  20. So...then...courtesy of Levee and others ,we've established that there are a lot of female singers who could have been in the Greatest etc poll. But they weren't. Having gathered names,to show that those singers actually exist-or existed-and established that genre-hopping seems to be a quality that allows men to still be rock singers but not women, my question still stands....why only one woman ? Incidentally,I don't hold anyone here responsible for those results at all.It just struck myself and my girlfriend strongly that the list and the way it was presented seemed to be appealing to and en
  21. The 3 you've mentioned are all really good examples. I'd add Joni Mitchell,Beth Gibbons, Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Nicks[not for me,but I'd say she's a female rock singer],the woman from Evanesence[same words in brackets as for Stevie Nicks]Annie Lennox,Those are just off the top of my head. You're right in saying that most female singers could be slotted into different categories. The thing that made me wonder was the inclusion-high up on the list- of David Bowie,who I'd say has not always been a rock singer and Bruce Springsteen who,although he epitomises a certain kind of stadium shouting, is
  22. Did anyone else listen to the 'Planet Rock Top 40 Rock Singers of All Time,Ever,In The World etc' yesterday[ist]? It was the usual list of oldish white males,dead white males and one token[dead]woman. Pretty predictable really.About the youngest singer there was W.Axl Rose,although Chris Cornell may have featured[i was in the bath and thought I heard Black Hole Sun being played] Anyway RP won and the DJ said it was a big winning margin over Fred Mercury who was second.Can anyone explain why this listeners poll seemed to ignore women in big way and was based on a set of values and assumptions t
  23. Just had another thought about this...not quite sure why it has to be an English band? Abba sort of fit the bill.Pre-punk?Yes. Teenage boy etc? Erm...well..yes,in a way? Possibly more popular now than ever,due in part to the success of the Mamma Mia film. Does anyone know how popular they were as a live band in the 1970's? What sort of venues did they play,what was ticket demand like etc? I seem to hazily recall them playing some shows either at Earls Court or Wembley Empire Poll/Arena around about 1977/78,maybe. Having said all this,it just seems a bit unlikely to me,but who really knows?
  24. So, then,who do we have? Blur, Stone Roses,Specials,Guns'n' Roses all may well reform/realign/reconfigure etc and tour but they don't fit the pre punk 70's description. In fact,looking at that list,2 of those 4 have announced shows in 2009 and G/R have said they'll be touring.At least, that seems to be the rumour emanating from Axl-land. As if I care. I tend to agree with the people who were actually paying attention to the original post. Pink Floyd and Genesis seem to be the most likely contenders. My contributions amount to this- I recall reading an interview in which it was stated that th
  25. Sarcasm? Where exactly was the sarcasm there? "...everyone's got to eat" is the supposedly- sarky bit,I believe. Just for interest,my interpretation is that it looks like his way of saying that it may well happen and good luck to them. Having said this,my views on sarcasm may not be of much use as I'm English and we're famous the world over for not 'getting' sarcasm. Aren't 'we'??
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