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  1. Join together with the Band- The Who
  2. that is a signature and a half my friend!

  3. I was watching a music show on TV,this time I loved Queen-there should be their videos and before Queen videos there were Led Zep videos The first was a remake of Going to California,i remember only My brother said the drummer is the best in the world and Jimmy had his hair over his eyes and Robert was screaming
  4. Lenny Kravitz-I love the rain ( preparing for the concert in czech repubic)
  5. -Led Zeppelin -Queen -U2 -The Who -Black Sabbath Oh my i wanna see them all live !
  6. Lagardére Forrest Gump The Illusionist Brokeback Mountain Magical legend of the leprechauns ))
  7. oh,Happy birthday,darling You were the best and no one can´t be beter and no one will be.Sounds of your drums is still with us. thank you for that music
  8. Excellent everyone! I again tried to make someone.This is for Bonzo http://robleskazeppelin.deviantart.com/art...onham-120939741
  9. T41.SIBLY is a great song,ut tea fot one got me more.
  10. I love ireland all my heart but i´ve never been there.I learn irish a little but there´s aproblem with pronnouncing.Love that music,that green,redheads,whiskey,language,people,nights,rain... I hope i´ll visit Ireland one day
  11. Everytime I see a ginger it makes me happy.as today. And happy birthday!
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