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JOHN BONHAM's Chinese Gong To Be Sold At Auction

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James Cartledge of U.K.'s Birmingham Mail reports that a brass Chinese gong once owned and used by LED ZEPPELIN legend John Bonham is expected to bring in up to £76,000 (approximately $121,000) at an auction in America.

The gong, which features two painted Chinese characters, has been put up for sale by Redditch-born Bonham's younger sister, Deborah, 46, and will be auctioned at Bonhams in Los Angeles on June 14.

Bonham used gongs for dramatic effect by having them set alight during performances.

Fellow ZEPPELIN star John Paul Jones said: "He did that more or less every night. His roadie Mick Hinton had to set it alight. I think he used lighter fuel and it was quite dangerous."

Read more from Birmingham Mail.

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From: Jon Baddeley [mailto:jon.baddeley@bonhams.com]

Sent: Monday, July 06, 2009 8:57 AM

To: dazedjeffy

Subject: FW: Web query, sale number 17108, lot no 6357

Dear Jeff

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that the gong failed to sell at auction but we have had some post-sale interest and we hope to sell it within the next few days.

The gong was consigned for auction by John Bonham’s sister and mother.


I checked tonight on bonhams.com and it sold for $64,660


this auction was for a gong that was 29 3/4" in diameter and the one he used on stage was 38", so it's probably one of the gongs he had at Old Hyde.

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For sale: Standard Paiste 38" Symphonic Gong. Some fire damage. :lol:

Hope (and am certain) proceeds from the sale went to good cause.FWIW, Paiste is not a Chinese company. They're Swiss. ;)

I am so pleased a sale was achieved :)

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