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Rolling Stone's Guide To Zeppelin Recordings


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Zeppelin: The Complete Album-By-Album Guide


Packing your bags for next Monday’s rescheduled Led Zeppelin reunion gig at London’s O2 Arena (or just getting increasingly jealous of those who are)? Enjoying the current issue of Rolling Stone, which is chock full of Zep? Here’s a few more goodies: First, check out our complete Led Zep album guide, which provides an expert rundown on every studio album, live disc and reissue from the first album to this year’s Mothership — perfect fodder to continue the debate over the band’s ultimate set list.

Then read two more vintage Zep stories from the magazine: Stephen Davis’ profile “The Rise and Fall of Led Zeppelin: Power, Mystery and the Hammer of the Gods” from the July 4th, 1985 issue and Steven Pond’s “Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same,” which examines the band’s lasting impact, from March 24, 1988. And don’t forget to Check out Cameron Crowe’s 1975 Zep profile here.

Rolling Stone

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People will bitch about Rolling Stone and Led Zeppelin for many years to come. Time to give it a fuckin' rest already and let bygones be bygones. Funny how people will bitch and moan about Rolling Stones' relationship with Zep but then that suddenly goes out the door when they put them on the cover or reprint a vintage Zep article on their website.

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