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The Photography Thread

Jimmy's A Legend

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Ok this is a thread for photography, I know there is a picture thread but this is isn't about random pictures, this is where you can post your photos, excahnge tips and techniques, ask for advice, how you got the result, why you did this...anything, it can be for proffessinals, amatures, or for anyone who does it as a hobby but would like to broarden their knowledge and skill, or just for general interest. Or this is somewhere where you would like to post your photos.

And away we go....

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very helpfull link for the first explanation:

If you want to learn photography, don't begin playing with photoshop...

Hey I agree with you. I mean if you want to do photography in some bigger level, of course you need to know some basics first about camera, lenses, exposure, light, ..... but I thought this link for somebody who already knows that, and it also depends in which format you shot. If you do it in RAW, then Photoshop is a big deal!!! :)

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I love photography, it's my favorite hobby.

Here my first contribution:


taken with a Canon 40D, a Canon 100-400mm L, no tripod. Raw. Automatic contrast in Photoshop.


Great photo ! Looks like you've got a real talent for this stuff

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Brspled-that's a stunning photo, I've tried so many times to shoot flowers, it just hasn't worked withe me <_<

2 photos of mine the first was just me being bored-this was some experiment photography where I wouldn't look through the viewfinder, and just randomly clicked.


This is for my 'texture' art project at school.


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Thank you, Ally, that's too kind. I'm trying hard to learn all I can about photography, it's too much stuff though! but I really love it. :)

Looks like you've learned plenty !

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I'm old school and doubt I'll ever get into digital. I just don't have any way of posting my pics. I make a lot into greeting cards. I'm currently into litho negatives from my slides and I love that high contrast effect. But my favorite film is Kodak Infrared which they quit making, the jerks. :angry:

My cameras are:

Nikon F-2 AS

Nikomat EL

Rolleicord 2-1/4

Toyo 4x5 View Camera with 150 Rodenstock lens

35mm Lenses:

20mm Nikkor F/4

50mm Nikkor F/1.4

85mm Nikkor F/2

105mm Nikkor F/2.5

Also have a PB-6 Nikon Bellows and Nikon Right Angle Eyepiece

I also have a Beseler CB7 enlarger that handles 35 through 4x5 negatives. I started taking pics back in 1971.

I took a lot of classes at Chabot College in Hayward, CA in the 90's and really enjoyed that. :)

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