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Tribute to John Bonham

John Bonham Fan

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John Bonham: The Legend

When I hear the name John Bonham, I think of a drum legend. He was the first drummer I saw playing that really made me want to start playing drums, and so I did, I would like to thank you for that John. John was most known as the drummer of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, his open drum sound, and more importantly his influence on drummers. He sadly died in 1980, which caused Led Zeppelin to disband, and I respect them for that choice. I am also not afraid to admit that I actually cried when I first learned of John’s death. I had been a huge Led Zeppelin fan before finding out that he died. He was only 32 years old, a very young age for someone to die so suddenly, he was a victim of his own unfortunate drinking problems, he used alcohol to cope with the problems in his life. He was a great talent that was taken away from the earth much faster than was needed. Sometimes it is hard to understand why many talented musicians turn to drugs, which intern destroy their lives and eventually lead to the death of some of them. There just seems to be some kind of connection between being talented and using drugs, it’s sad. Only one day could I so much as wish to be as half as good as John. Even though John has been gone and dead for 30 years now, but he still remains fresh in the minds of fans and musicians. And that is why I consider John a legend, even if he did drugs he was a talented but troubled man. Please rest in peace John. I hope that the memory of John Henry Bonham will never be forgotten. In my opinion he still is and was the spirit and energy of Led Zeppelin.


John Bonham Fan

In memory of John Henry Bonham

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