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Today In Led Zeppelin History

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Not so much Zeppelin history, but today was Scarlet Page's birthday. March 24, 1971.

And Today through I think Saturday, (3/24-3/27) they played the Forum in LA in 1975.

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“Dancing Days” is a song by English rock band Led Zeppelin. It appears on their 1973 album, Houses of the Holy, having been recorded at Stargroves in 1972.

Recording engineer Eddie Kramer reportedly said that the band members danced in joy on the lawn at Stargroves during playback of this track, such was their satisfaction with the song.

This was the first track from the album to be offered for radio play by Atlantic Records. It was premiered on March 24, 1973 on the BBC Radio One Rosko lunch time show.

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MARCH 29 1969- JAM, TROS TV, HOLLAND (airing of Good Times Bad Times) (SATURDAY)

It is not known if it was studio or live because tapes are still not discovered and may be wiped.

March 29: Led Zeppelin had all their six albums in the US Top 100 chart in the same week (1975)

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March 30th

1970 - Pittsburg US/ Civic Arena

MARCH 30 - CIVIC ARENA, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA (concert truncated due to riotous audience) (MONDAY)

Led Zeppelin walk off stage during a Pittsburgh gig and say they won’t play until the police stop intimidating the audience. Ten minutes later they resume the show.

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April 1st

1969 - Hampstead UK/ Klooks Kleek

1971 - London UK/Paris Cinema Theatre (the BBC Sessions released in 97 Disc 2 recorded)

1973 - Paris (Saint Quen) France/Centre Sportif

1977 - Dallas US/Memorial Auditorium

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