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Looking for: Free Program for Studio Effects etc.


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Hi all,

I'm searching for a free program for the PC that can be used to modify your own recordings. Such things as playing them backwards or distorting them in ways.

I'm sorry for being vauge, but I dunno how much else to describe it!

Thanks in advance

Audacity is a shareware audio editor. It's made for ripping vinyl to MP3, but I also use it to multi track 8 tracks or less.

HERE:audacity free audio program

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Thanks for the help everyone, Audacity is furstrating me at the moment, I can't seem to be able to delete anything less than a second. For example, I can only cut sections of audio in sections of one second, I can't cut 0.5 seconds...

So I'm gonna check otu these other ones you all suggested, thanks

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