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Billy Elliot (movie)


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Finally had a chance to see this movie tonight. Never been a fan of ballet, but this movie is excellent with some really well done acting in it (esp. by the actors who played young Billy and his rugged father). I really enjoyed the T Rex music also. Anyone else dig this movie?

P.S. It's now a play on Broadway. I'm guessing it won't be as good because I think the atmosphere of where they lived really plays an important part to the whole story.

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Wow, I didn't know that there was a movie! I will have to watch it.

I just saw the play on Broadway two weeks ago. I had the chance to see it in London last year, and I wish that I had. The Broadway production was OK, but it certainly wasn't in the top five of plays that I have seen lately.

The story is profound. The break up of the coal miners union by the government, the strike, and the loss of jobs and the economic impact that it had on the people is something akin to what some people in the US have experienced recently, with the closing of manufacturing plants and those jobs going to China or Mexico.

The young actors and dancers in the play were really good. There were about five boys who played Billy, and they rotated from day to day due to laws about how many hours that someone who is a minor can work. They were very talented.

Edited to say that the music in the play is from Elton John.

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