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Trampled Underfoot heard on NBC-TV, played at Chgo. Blackhawks hockey game


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The United Center in Chicago (the replacement for the old historic Chicago Stadium since torn down, host of Zep in '73, '75 & '77) is hosting the NHL Stanley Cup Finals (pro hockey in North America).

The Hawks attract mainly (but not exclusively) a blue-collar type of crowd but charges white collar ticket prices (so who knows?), and the music between the action is usually classic rock oriented. Their song, though, when they score, is Chelsea Dagger (you might know the song from Amstel Light beer commercials; "Dam good beer," so it is a British song used by a Dutch beer company that gets adopted by an American professional hockey team -- go figure).

ANYHOO... during a break before a face-off, clearly heard over the national television broadcast was the Zepsters' "Trampled Underfoot," one of my all-time faves from the lads.

Pretty cool. Trampled Underfoot must be on the short list of songs Zep released for public consumption.

Go Hawks!!

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Heard that last night. First time I have heard TU played at a sporting event. The Toronto Maple Leafs regularly play songs like Rock and Roll, Whole Lotta Love (Studio and BBC sessions versions) and Black Dog at their games. I would say you usually hear one Zep tune per game. The Raptors, who play in the same building, rarely play zep that I recall.

**Edited to add -

Maybe we would hear more from the Zep catalogue in the playoffs, but given the recent history of our teams, I am not sure I will find out anytime soon... In Toronto we are all painfully aware that if the Hawks win, we will be the team who has gone the longest without winning the cup.

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