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Them Crooked Vultures Brixton Academy 5.7.10

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Here are a few pics I took from the excellent show last night at a very hot Brixton Academy in London. I can't give you the set list cos Iam crap at remembering them.

It was well worth the trip. I avoided getting closer to the stage cos the last TVC show I saw it was somewhat crushing for an old man like me. So a safe place leaning against the cage where the mixing deck was the order of the evening.



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Nice pics! and that's an excellent video clip too. Just one more gig in Tokyo,(I think) and that's it for the Vultures, for now. I think John Paul Jones realizes this and is really relishing each show,just look at how much fun he's having. Check out some of the Werchter vids too, Jonesy's just rocking out

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I was there last night!!!! front row.. queuing for 7 hours was amazing and first in the queue :D

I was wearing the white zeppelin 3 t-shirt and had a fresh pots sign :P

This might sound stupid but John saw me a few times and could see my t-shirt and smiled at me.. I'm not kidding!!! and at the end when they bowed i shouted 'I love you john' and oh how modest he was :wub:

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Pretty standard set, 2 'new' songs

1) Mind Eraser, No Chaser

2) Dead End Friends

3) Scumbag Blues

4) Elephants

5) Gunman

6) Highway One

7) Bandoliers

8) No One Loves Me & Neither Do I

9) Interlude With Ludes

10) Caligulove

11) You Can't Possibly Begin To Imagine

12) Spinning In Daffodils

13) Reptiles

14) Warsaw or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up


15) New Fang

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