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Can any one help with more info please?

I have, what I guess, could be an old piece of promotional material but can't find any info on it.

It's LP sized with hard back cover. On the front is a band photo with Jimmy at the front reaching his hand out to camera. In side is a loose 16 page book with a brief biog of each band member and loads of great promo and live pics. It is copy righted 1969 by 'The Visual Thing. Inc.' of California.

I've had it for 30 odd years now and it's definitly one of those things you'd run back in to a burning house for.

If anyone out there could shed any light on this.


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Why carry me over the hills and far away!

Yes, your description of the item matches that of their 1969 tour program. They're not as rare as one may think, excellent to mint condition copies typically selling at auction for $125 - $150. As an example, this one looks vg+ to ex - and is offered at $99.00:


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