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    Reading about Led Zeppelin especially Tight But Loose; paper crafts; Dogs & Cats (animals in general), I love history and study of Psychology & Astrology as well.
  1. ZoSo1960

    Supermodel Jimmy

    I have always said he is the Best Dressed Man in Rock & Roll. IMO also the most classy
  2. Just secured Tickets for 2 at Century 20 Theater in West Des Moines at Jordon Creek Mall - "My face is cracked from smiling...."
  3. Love the tease they sound amazing - I have goose bumps I can't wait.
  4. Charles Manson loved the Beatles so what - Ryan likes rock music big deal doesn't make him worthy of the job of VP. Like henrybonzo said I like Wagner as well doesn't mean I support Hitler
  5. I will be voting for Obama regardless of what some say he has accomplished a great deal. As long as the Republican Party aligns itself with with right wing religious zealots' who think a raped woman can "shut down her body" to avoid becoming pregnant, and spent more time bitching about Obama instead of actually working toward solutions, they do not get my consideration. The Republican Party had my interest with Ron Paul but Mitt Romney you have to be fricking kidding me and Ryan hell no. Bash Away
  6. These pictures are from 1975 not 1977 Kate Simon Photographer https://www.morrison...otographID=4735
  7. The CRAMPS are so awesome. I was fortunate to have seen them live they ruled the stage - RIP Lux "I use your eye-balls for knobs on my TV set"
  8. Well you are entitled to YOUR opinion, I disagree. A monster interesting have you read anything by him?
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