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San Diego, California June 19, 1977


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This show was the first show played in California in 1977. It was the show before the awesome Jun 21, 1977 show at the Forum in Los Angeles which was the first of a wonderful 6 night sold out stretch. Robert talked about Jimmy's hand being injured from the last New York show at Madison Square Garden on June 14, 1977. Somebody thru a firecracker and it hit his right hand-in fact if you look at these pics- he has a bandage on it. Then Robert also was talking about John Paul Jones having back problems- he jokes that it is caused by playing backgammon :P But I think it might have been for real- (as I have a pic of him from this show on my other computer in storage) -and he is playing the bass sitting down on the drum riser. :huh:

But Robert doesn't really say anything about Bonzo but he must have not been feeling good as his timing is off- especially on the first 3 numbers and he doesn't do a drum solo. If you notice Jimmy is wearing plain white pants and not the white dragon pants but just the dragon top. He also wore the same at that last show in New York on the 14th. From what I have been able to figure out he didn't wear the white dragon pants but only the dragon jacket and plain white pants at the first 10 shows. I think he finally wore the full white dragon suit-at the 2 Cincinnati shows on April 19th and 20th. Of course at the April 10th Chicago show he wore the stormtrooper outfit but then after Moby Dick returned to the stage in the white dragon top and plain white pants. I have alot more pics of this show on my computer in storage and will add at a later date.

The Song Remains the Same


Sick Again



Since I've been Loving You or Kashmir


In my Time of Dying or Kashmir


Ten Years Gone


The Battle of Evermore


Achilles Last Stand


Achilles Last Stand


Achilles Last Stand


Stairway to Heaven


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Poor Bonzo...he ate too many rhinestones that night...I know all hell would have broken loose but IMO they really should have postponed this gig. Although it is kinda funny hearing Bonzo so out of it as it's so out of character for him...

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