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  1. Yes, the LA and New York shows were probably the best of 1977! Tempe is probably the worst of the lot!
  2. I really like the epic 3 hour Seattle '72 show! I believe it was 6-19-72. Fantastic performance!!
  3. Very good pictures! thanks
  4. Mike's YES recording showed up on Dime the other day. Good stuff!
  5. Many thanks my dear fellow! I am only a few miles away "as the crow flies".
  6. Hello Mr. Poe, this show sounds like it rocks! Will you please send me a copy of this show?
  7. High There.....Glad to finally catch up with the BOB

  8. I picked up the vinyl and really like the raw sound of this mix! Kind of reaches out and grabs you. Good 60's music!
  9. AA is a standup guy in my opinion and is a Led Zeppelin live recording expert! I would trust him 100%.
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