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Lez Zeppelin plans to Tour for new album


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First of all- I have their first cd that was produced and engineered by Eddie Kramer and it is very good.


New York, NY (March 8, 2011)—New York City’s Lez Zeppelin has been causing a sensation on stages all over the world including India, Europe and Japan since its 2004 inception. Now “…the most powerful all-female band in rock history…” (according to Chuck Klosterman) and “the ultimate turn-on” (according to Lenny Kaye) is planning another assault on stages nationwide.

This is one band that has to be seen to be believed! Guitarist Steph Paynes gives such good Page that one is hard-pressed to tell the difference with eyes closed. Her unerring note-for-note accuracy is stunning. The same attention-to-detail is evident in the tight rhythm section of bassist Megan Thomas and drummer Leesa Harrington-Squyres, the latter a true Bonzo beast. Vocalist Shannon Conley, rather than copying Robert Plant, is her own woman. Her phrasing, timbre and timing are totally her own. Her vocals, coupled with the bands musicianship, swagger and gender-bending audacity, makes Lez Zeppelin one of the more remarkable bands of this or any era.

Their sophomore effort, Lez Zeppelin I, is an incredible replication of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 debut:  it is obvious that this band has cemented its considerable chops into one powerhouse behemoth of monolithic proportions. It was recorded at the analog Pie Studios on Long Island, New York, with producers Perry Margouleff and William Wittman, on the very same vintage equipment that Led used on its 1969 debut. The intent was to remain true to the sound and texture of the original vinyl recording and, as such, stands as a stirring document that proves the timelessness of this material. This is material that is simply too damn good not to be performed live in 2011 because of its ageless and vibrant aesthetic. The inherent splendor lies in the fact that Lez Zeppelin, in bringing their shock-rock to an already beloved and revolutionary sound, has created a whole ‘nother animal. And this stampeding charging rhino of an animal absolutely demands to be heard.

To that end, the band’s tour (dates will be announced soon) will include a stop at the Rock On The Range Festival in Columbus, Ohio May 20 where they will open the festivities for the two-day fest May 21 and 22 with Steel Panther at a “pre-festival anniversary party” at the Columbus Crew Stadium. The party is free to all those who have a ticket for the festival. ROTR 2011 features A Perfect Circle, Staind, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Korn, Stone Sour, Danzig, Black Label Society and more. Lez Zeppelin is excited about being tapped to open such a prestigious fest.

Get ready, America.

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"the ultimate turn-on"

For Who ?

I guess they'll be playing plenty of gay bars, or are they called lesbian bars? Oh I don't know, is that even PC ?

They could always add The Indigo Girls, Melissa Ethridge and Patty Larkin to the bill and advertise it as the 'Chicks with Dicks' tour.

"the ultimate turn-on" ? I guess for the mullet heads.


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Well, I took the time to actually YouTube them, and it appears they are NOT lesbians (well, the drummer looks a little questionable), so I think it's pretty obvious the name is simply capitalizing on a female-associated homophone (no pun intended).

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Homophone ? :lol: No, no, no...don't tell me E.T. was special :rolleyes:

Well....one in the batch can spoil the whole lot ya know?

I surely don't know why someone would even want to implicate themselves as lesbians if they're not. Or could it be that lez has another meaning ? NOT !

I spose they're no worse than ....


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