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Cleveland 7/20/69 Review


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Reprinted review from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:



Young Folks Take Trip at Musicarnival

While millions watched for the Eagle on the moon, 2,500 young people went on a 9-minute trip of their own.

They stomped, clapped, danced in the aisles as four British bombshells, the Led Zeppelin made a three-point landing at Musicarnival last night.

Lead singer Robert Plant, 21, comes on strong like a male Janis Joplin. His collarbone length blonde hair looks like a cheap permanent caught in the rain.

Plant shakes his shoulders, jumps high in the air, stomps his $60 python boots, twirls the mike like a lariat, does the bumps and grinds like a flat-chested sexy headliner. And the standing-room-only audience was with him all the way.

"Have you ever been shaken"? he rasped out to the audiences during his "You Shook Me" song and the group screamed back "Yes." Plants murmurs words and syllables like Cab Calloway.

Feature for many was a fine solo, "White Summer" by Jimmy Page, one of the world's best guitarists. He was the backbone of the old Yardbirds three years ago and he's still a steel smash.

The Led Zeppelin did five songs. Their "Dazed and Confused a 10-minute ride, brought them sailing in a tight jam session that was the highlight of the night.

Drummer John Bonham, 21, in a black T-shirt that looked like the upper part of a 1920 swimsuit, hit a heavy beat that brought fee stomping and stepping.

"You make me feel so young!" Plant would up with their last song.

With screams of "more" the Led Zeppelin came back to do an encore, "Communication Breakdown."

Nothing could be further from the experience last night.

The finale gave bass player John Paul Jones, 22, a chance to shine.

(- The Plain Dealer, July 21, 1969)

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I just read this while listening to this show on Conneyfogle's channel the other day.

Gotta love the late-60's, when in the wake of bands THE Beatles, THE Kinks, THE Rolling Stones, and THE Who, journalists and promoters got in the habbit of putting "THE" before a band's name: The Led Zeppelin...The Pink Floyd...The Cream.:)

Speaking of Conneyfogle...what a resource his channel is!

Listen, in the Pantheon of Led Zeppelin Fans, Mike Millard will always be first and foremost of those deserving our reverence and everlasting gratitude. But in the youtube-era, Conneyfogle is rapidly achieving a similar level of regard from Zeppelin fans.

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