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The least godly of rock gods? - article about John Paul Jones


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Great article.. I learned a few things I didn't know about him.

6 Grandchildren! ... very nice.

But I am ... and I think most Zeppelin fans are very interested in what John Paul Jones does..

Even if it's not up your alley, you know it's going to be very interesting.. That's what I love most about Jones.

One day, or one minute, he's wailing on a 12 string Bass .... the next ... a mandolin....the day after that he's conducting an orchestra.

He's such a well rounded musician.

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The presence of the original trio together promoting Celebration Day, alongside Bonham’s drummer son Jason, has sparked hopes that a full reunion tour might finally be on the cards. Jones, however, pours cold water on the idea. “There are no plans for a Zeppelin reunion. Basically there isn’t a band. We’re not that band.

Interesting choice of words here.

You can still detect the boy who lay awake at night listening to foghorns on the Thames. “I’ve got so much music going on in my head all the time that when I go on stage I just continue into it,” he says. “When I come off stage I’m still thinking about music. Everything’s continuous.”


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