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US Presidental Children & Led Zeppelin

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C-SPAN has been showing an edition of White House Family Memories recently which featured George Bush's daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush, Gerald Ford's son Steve Ford and LBJ's daughter Lynda Johnson Robb, as they shared personal family memories of their time in the White House Nov. 15, 2012 at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas. 



In the last minutes of the show, both Steve Ford and Jenna Bush mentioned Led Zeppelin.

Jenna mentioned she got her first kiss from her boyfriend (now husband) on the roof of the White House.

Steve Ford said that soon after moving in to the White House, that he and a family friend, went up on the roof, of the White House, with a boom box, and, played Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven". Unfortunately, Steve did not elaborate if they rolled a big "fat" one, while enjoying Led Zeppelin, so we'll never know... :guitar_mood:

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I read somewhere that during the presidential campaign,I think in 76',both president Ford's kid (maybe Susan),and Jimmy Carter's kids said their

favorite band is Led Zeppelin.

PS. Merry Christmas.

This was mentioned in the "infamous" and much "maligned" book Hammer of the Gods.

Here is the exact quote from that book from page 271:

"In America in 1976, pollsters for the two presidential campaigns found such overwhelming Led Zeppelin graph peaks on their demographic charts that both Democrat and Republican candidates appeared to endorse Led Zeppelin! The daughter of the president, Susan Ford, said on the Dick Cavett Show that Led Zeppelin was her favorite group. Speaking at the National Association of Record Manufacturers convention, Jimmy Carter reminisced about listening to Led Zeppelin records during all-night sessions when he was governor of Georgia".

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