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Current List Of Led Zeppelin Professionally Shot/Semi Professionally Shot/Television Shot Videos


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I'm bored, and I think this forum could benefit from a list like this so people at least know where to look if they want to know what is out there in the ways of professionally shot Led Zeppelin film. I know we have ssellers list in Royal-Orleans, but I don't think everyone on here goes there and it'd save them a trip (Yeah, I know, a few whole clicks, but still). Also, yes, I am using ssellers list to aid me. Anyways, onto the list. Audience sourced 16mm will NOT be included. Only stuff shot for documentaries, official release, TV, etc will be listed.

When: 1969

What: Music video for "Communication Breakdown".

Type: Black and White Television Footage

When: March 17th 1969

What: Darnmarks Radio, Stockholm, Sweden

Type: Black and White television footage

When: March 25th 1969

What: Supershow. Middlesex, England

Type: Colored television footage

When: March 27th 1969

What: Beat Club, Germany

Type: Black and White Television Footage

When: June 19th 1969

What: Paris, France

Type: 16mm colored footage for television

When: August 31st 1969

What: Texas International Pop Festival, Dallas, Texas

Type: 16mm footage

When: January 9th 1970

What: Royal Albert Hall, London, England

Type: 35mm Film

When: June 22nd 1970

What: Laugardalsholl Hall, Reykjavik, Finland

Type: Black and White Television Footage

When: February 27th 1972

Where: Showground, Sydney, Australia

Type: Black and White 16mm Footage

When: May 27th 1972

Where: R.A.I. Amsterdam, Holland

Type: Black and White Television Footage

When: May 5th 1973

Where:Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida

Type: 16mm colored television footage

When: June 2nd 1973

Where: Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, California

Type: 16mm colored television footage

When: July 27th 28th 29th 1973 and unknown 1974 Shepperton, England

Where: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York

Type: 16mm (Or 35mm? ssellers said 16mm but I've also heard 35mm) colored footage

When: February 7th 1975

Where: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York

Type: 16mm Colored Television Footage

When: May 24th 25th 1975

Where: Earls Court, London, England

Type: Videotape

When: July 17th 1977

Where: Kingdome, Seattle, Washington

Type: Videotape

When: August 4th 11th 1979

Where: Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, England

Type: Videotape

Credit ssellers for this list and inspiration. Hopefully this will help out a lot of people who go here and not on Royal-Orleans.


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I have almost everything you listed in one form or another. I also have about 20 other Dvd's that include Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, the Firm, Jimmy Page solo, Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes, Robert Plant solo, Robert Plant and the Band of Joy and many, Many others. I have both Earl's Courts and Knebworth shows as well as Jimmy Page and Aerosmith. I forgot to mention Seattle 1977. Whatever there is of live Led Zeppelin out there, I will do my best to find it. As far as I know I have almost every documented video of Led Zeppelin there is to Own.

If I am incorrect, there is always YouTube.

God Bless LED ZEPPELIN and the Internet.

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