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UPDATE: A "remastered" Charlie Rose show.....

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UPDATE: There is a "new" Charlie Rose Led Zeppelin show out there....

They have 2 of my photos in The Charlie Rose Show (CBS/PBS) 2013 Led Zeppelin segment with a "Mark Bowman Images" credit on the images themselves, complete with 20 seconds of screen time AND a "Jimmy voiceover"... I was also properly compensated for them, thanks to the team at CBS/PBS… The producers at CBS/PBS joint venture "The Charlie Rose Show" weren't sure how the first image was accessed but wanted to make it right for me as the uncredited photographer... They added a 2nd photo, the one of all 4 of them walking off the stage for the final time with the big Led Zeppelin logo ablaze... I call that photo "Maybe For The Last Time...." It is especially poignant to me, considering Robert is leading the way and the first one off the stage...

Thanks to Charlie Rose producer Torrey Pacquette for his help and professionalism...

Thanks to all the people on Led Zeppelin Master Forum for their words of support!

The new, updated version is up on The Charlie Rose Show site now. It starts at the 6:50 min mark and goes for 20 seconds until about 7:10 min mark with Charlie's & Jimmy’s voiceover on the 2 photos….


All in all - a good ending to a good story and I'm glad these 2 photos will live on to represent the event that was THE O2 - ENJOY!!





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perfect placement

congratulations Mark, so glad they did the right thing and got it resolved quickly. Watched the interview again and got even more out of it.

1. Plant: "the event became the event and that kind of got in the way of what we were doing"

2. Page: "...not to make it work- it was working..."

3. JPJ: everything he said

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