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They sound best on a heavyweight chocolate disk that can be eaten after playing.

It'll also coat your stylus (in my case, a $200 stylus) with delicious melted chocolate!

To answer op's question....maybe. UK first pressings are said to be the best sounding releases of Zeppelin and are highly sought after. A lot of it has to do with your equipment (record player, cartridge and stylus, pre/amp, speakers) and most importantly the quality of the vinyl. You can get by with a budget turntable and latter pressing of any album, but don't expect it to be completely earth shattering.

What it ultimately comes down to is if you enjoy listening to records.


To add a bit about my experience, I have a mid to high level turntable and stylus and late pressings of the Led Zeppelin albums. They all sound fine, but I don't consider them better than the Complete Studio Recordings box. However, I do have the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab pressing of Led Zeppelin II and it is the best sounding version of that album I have ever come across.

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