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Best Cat-Fight Scene  

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  1. 1. Which is your favourite fight scene?

    • Uma Thurman vs. Vivica Fox in Kill Bill Vol. 1
    • Uma Thurman vs. Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill Vol. 2
    • Uma Thurman vs. Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill Vol. 1

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So, we were watching "Kill Bill" the other day...both volumes together as one giant movie.

It goes without saying that "Kill Bill" has some of the best fight scenes ever, especially if you are an aficianado of woman versus woman, girl-on-girl, cat-fights, or whatever phrase you prefer...and, as there are so many awesome fight scenes in the film, especially of the woman versus woman variety, the discussion afterwards turned on the merits of each fight scene and which fight was the best. Most of our group tended to favour either the Uma vs. Vivica in "Kill Bill Volume 1" or Uma vs. Daryl Hannah in "Kill Bill Volume 2", although there was some loud support for Uma vs. Gogo.

It was hard to choose one over the other, but for me, the eyeball tips the scale in favour of Uma vs. Daryl.

The arguments got loud and testy through the night and so I thought this would make for a lively debate/discussion here on the Forum. In case there are those who haven't seen the movie, here is the evidence to help you make your choice.

Fight #1...Uma Thurman vs. Vivica Fox:

Fight #2...Uma Thurman vs. Daryl Hannah:


Fight #3...Uma Thurman vs. Gogo Yubari:

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Very few men can resist the charms of a sexy schoolgirl outfit.

I concur (not that I'm any kind of aficionado) re the Uma vs Daryl fight - it's operatic and outrageous. They must have trained for ages to do that. Uma reached superwoman status with Kill Bill 2.

While Uma and Vivica and Daryl and Gogo all had some training, I'm sure, for their fight scenes, the majority of the fighting was done by their stunt doubles, including the legendary Kiwi herself, Zoe Bell, who doubled for Uma and Daryl in the "Kill Bill" movies. You have to see this brilliant clip of the behind the scenes footage of Quentin Tarantino filming some of the Uma vs. Vivica fight with their stunt doubles Zoe Bell(Uma) and Angela Meryl(Vivica). Check out the part at 2:29...OUCH!

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