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Zeppelin riffs vs AC/DC riffs


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When you listen to both these bands. What do you think is the difference between their guitar riffs in your mind? AC/DC seem to introduce their guitar riffs with a bang, with power chords. Zeppelin go into the riffs in a swirly way most of the time. They don't do the power chord thing most of the time. GTBT is one of the songs they have that power chord thing going on. They just seem to go into motion, like a rollercoster ride.

Zeppelin also like putting different movement into songs. Like if you drop the needle into different parts of the song. A new listner might think they are not hearing the same song. AC/DC. No matter what part of the song you drop the needle on so to speak. You know you are in the same song.

I believe most bands today emulate Zeppelin or AC/DC riffs.

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ACDC is always in 4/4 time, never changes, all songs. Riffing is basic, goes for the jugular though there are exceptions such as Night Prowler, Big Balls, and The Jack.

For what it's worth I think Brian Johnson was the worse thing to happen to ACDC. Bonn Scott added more dimension and variety, once Johnson came in it was the same thing over and over again. I also believe Night Prowler was their best tune hands down!

Zeppelin worked in various time signatures, frequently within the same song. Page utilized riffing, arpeggios, alternate picking & tunings & chords, and structures. I like to think Zeppelin was somewhat akin to prog rock minus the pomposity and bullshit. If you ever listen to TSRTS and Yessongs back to back you can hear the similarities in structures and textures with Dazed & No Quarter vs. Siberian Khatru & Roundabout. Not that the songs sound similar in any way, just talking about the textures, time signature, and progressions. The difference being Zeppelin took a free form almost jazz like approach whereas Yes anchored their music in classical and a strict structure.

So, I like both Zeppelin & ACDC, just for different reasons. You wanna party??? ACDC all the way with The Ocean and Hot Dog thrown in for good measure. You want anything else; mood, driving, chilling at the beach, working, working out with the wife (get it???) go for Zeppelin!!!

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Led Zeppelin, hands down.

I think Zep has much better riffs, b/c they go at it alot of different ways.

ACDC actually used very few power chords for their riffing, but you're sure to get a heavy dose of huge open position chords.


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