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  1. Achilles Last Stand Kashmir In My Time Of Dying The Rain Song Since I've Been Loving You That's The Way When The Levee Breaks No Quarter Trampled Underfoot Ten Years Gone
  2. Amstel

    best album?

    Physical Graffiti ~ best album ever.
  3. Amstel

    Best of the 75 soundboards - a live compilation

    OTHAFA from 3/4 Dallas is a given. And...IMTOD from the ame show should have been the choice. When Plant says "take it John" he knows Bonham is onand wants to go. A truly great version
  4. Drummers: 1. John Bonham 2. Ginger Baker 3. Mitch Mitchell 4. Carl Palmer 5. Neil Pearl Guitarists: 1a. Jimmy Page 1b. Jimi Hendrix 3. Stevie Ray Vaughn 4. Michael Schenker 5. Alvin Lee
  5. Amstel

    Hard To Find Photos

    ^ ^ ^ That's pretty cool seeing Bonham in a Chicago Blackhawk hockey sweater.
  6. Amstel

    Hard To Find Photos

  7. Amstel


    3/4/75 Dallas, Texas... Or... 6/21/77 Los Angeles, California
  8. Amstel

    Europe 73 - Best of

    Must add Thank You and How Many More Times from Southampton!
  9. Amstel

    Was Jimmy's peak in 1973?

    Absolutely not!
  10. You are most likely right. A father would never look at a son that way. From my view, it was the connection of four particular men - Bonham, Jones, Page & Plant - that made Led Zeppelin the best band ever.
  11. Every drummer would be a slap in the face to John Bonham. I am glad Jones, Page and Plant didn't carry on after John died. That should show everyone how much of a bond those four had, along with the bond they had with Peter Grant as well.
  12. Amstel

    What's your zodiac sign?

    5/9/72 - Taurus...
  13. Amstel

    Lady Gaga

    I'd like to see step out in front of a speeding freight train.
  14. Amstel

    Led Zeppelin Fan Quiz - 1

    100%, of course
  15. Jimmy Page put Plant's vocals low in the mix, nothing more.