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What is your favorite ending to a Zeppelin song?

The Love That I Found

Your Favorite Ending To A Zeppelin Song  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite ending to a Zeppelin song?

    • Your Time Is Gonna Come (The cross-fade into Black Mountain Side)
    • Thank You (Mellotron fades then returns)
    • Friends (Drone that merges into Celebration Day)
    • Since I've Been Loving You (Jones's fading organ)
    • The Crunge (Where's that confounded bridge?)
    • In My Time Of Dying (Ending cough and chatter)
    • I'm Gonna Crawl (Jones's dreamy fade away)
    • Other

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On 5/28/2015 at 2:29 PM, Triplet Sixteenth said:

My mind first jumped to two songs: Bonham going wild on the kick to end Good Time Bad Times, and the swinging roar of the whole band in Out on the Tiles.


As far as songs go that don't fade, maybe Immigrant Song's dead stop after two and half minutes of fury, or the sweet, sweet release of The Ocean. Robert's "so good" to end The Ocean from 7/29/73 at the Garden is unreal.

Out on the tiles !  Man! Very overlooked song!  all the Zep songs they repeat over and over on the radio They should play OOTT more often!

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