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44 Years ago today one of the best show Zeppelin ever played happened, 1970-09-19, the evening show at MSG!


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So I'm sitting here(almost 3am) and I realize! It's the 44th anniversary for my all time favorite show!

It might be slightly overshadowed by the show 15 days before, certainly helped by the early release and sound quality of Live on Blueberry Hill but no matter how better the recording is it can never surpass the MASTODONT performance that the evening show at MSG is, 140 minutes long(in 1970!!), 16 songs(two of which are 20 minute+ medleys.

The only thing better than the setlist is the performace, it's as close to perfect as it gets, every solo is on fire, Plant is at is all time best(at least for me)

It's almost like Jimi Hendrix's energy passed over to Zep on that night, they just played their asses of for the whole thing...... Brown nosing over

So what do you all think, first time you heard it? Any stories? Favorite moment? Anything and everything about this show, just post away!

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