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The Yardbirds - April 13th, 1967 (photos)


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Nice pictures from The Yardbirds. I always like seeing pictures from this era.

Wow also Jimmy was so young back then. How old was he, something like 21 or 22 years old?

Wiow, also when it comes to music things have changes so much in all those years. (Not always for the better......)

I am from 1977 (that makes me 37 years old now), so I grew up in the 80's and 90's.

When I was a teen, hip hop/rap and house/electronic dance music came up, same for big danceclubs and huge dance-festivals.

Trust me, in high school I had quite a few hard times to face, just for being a rockchick. I really got nasty remarks and funny looks, when classmates knew I actually had electric guitar lessons.......

When I look at the teens that now take part in bandcoachingprojects and music classes, it makes me happy to see them show an interest again in real music. So who knows......, maybe there is a spark of hope left, for the rock&roll we love...........

These days in here in The Hague, I see the city's reputation as a true rock city slowly climbing back up.

In the 60's and 70's The Hague had a huge rock/live music scene and produced great bands like Golden Earring (and yes, they still play, even at 65/66 years old) and Shocking Blue (Do you remember Venus?) and Earth and Fire (No, not Earth wind and fire, lol!).

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Terrific additions to photographs from this era...I don't think they have ever circulated before.

..Terrific additions indeed SAJ...Jimmy, the Young and Passionate Musician has been to Bombay by now for his Sitar Lessons, long before Late G. Harrison, his vision and creativity on the rise..

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