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Your musical dislikes


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1. Techno music (my head is pounding, just thinking of it!)

2. All those incredibly annoying sub genres of music such as 'Teenybopper', 'Dance Pop', 'Teen pop', (especially those songs with dumb or excessively lovey dovey lyrics, carrying an annoyingly monotonous beat, featuring the voice of a so-called 'singer', that sounds excessively auto-tuned! BARF!)

3. A LOT of the mainstream rap of today (I do not regard Kanye Cretin West or Niki Minaj, as artists!)

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This couldn't be any more true for me!  B)

This genre makes me ashamed to be American, and makes me want to cut off my own ears. 

Probably why I avoid this style like the plague. 

Indeed, most country is to be avoided, especially the newer stuff. 

Just heard this one in a commercial, unfortunately. Sounds like a bunch of drunk girls yelling at me over a mediocre techno beat. One of the most obnoxious things I've ever heard. 


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