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The Best Show For a Live Album in the 70's?


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I remember this coming up once or twice in other discussions a few years ago but what would everyone consider to have been the ideal show you a Zep live album to have been released from back in the 70's? I add the qualifier of coming out in the 70's as I think that both makes the focus mainstream fans and perhaps puts limitations on what could be released time wise.

The show that's always come to mind for me is the first night in LA on the 1971 US tour. Venue wise of course its perfect for the US market but I think that performance is really something that would appeal to the mass market, very energetic indeed(especially Plant) but also very tight rarely rambling. Maybe something like...

Side A - Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Since I'v Been Loving You, Black Dog

Side B - Stairway to Heaven, That's The Way, Going To California, What Is And What Never Should Be

Side C - Whole Lotta Love Medley

Side D - Rock and Roll, Communication Breakdown, Organ Solo/Thank You

I think that could well have gone down as the definitive live album of the era and couldn't really be accused of the kind of excess TSRTS was.

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8 hours ago, chillumpuffer said:

The "Florida Sunshine" show in Orlando 31/08/1971 is tremendous and Genuine Masters "Orlando You Really Got me" takes it to another level. Outstanding times for the band

Hi there. I have been searching for this version for ages (GM)....is it really that much better? I'll PM you

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