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Charles J. White

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8 hours ago, Charles J. White said:

Hey Zep junkies!!! I'm going to be in Seattle for the full week - anyone have good recomendaitons for used record stores, ski shops, and restaurants? 

I don't really know Seattle that well, but check out the EMP and Space Needle which is right above it. Maybe the Museum Of Flight too. Post some pics if you can.

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Dude, the Edgewater Inn and the stroll along the Waterfront to the Seattle Fish Market is a must!!! The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and many others fished from their rooms at the Edgewater before the hotel put a stop to the practice. Mudshark!

From the Fish Market it's a short walk to the football stadium and baseball field where the Seattle Seahawks and Mariners play. The Jimi Hendrix Experience is essential, as is a visit to Jimi's grave...and Bruce Lee's, too. For the more morbid, you can see the house where Kurt Cobain lived.

The Space Needle provides the grandest view of the Puget Sound and Seattle...provided it's not raining or too cloudy.

There are plenty of good eating and drinking places in Seattle. Stay away from the national chains and eat local neighborhood spots. There's a good brewery-pub across the street from the Mariners stadium.

Have fun Chas.

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