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HTWWW Deluxe- who cares ...give us something new

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Jimmy is living in the past. Enough already! To be quite honest , I've never been the biggest fan of this Two date performance in 72 because Plants voice is too high pitched. It's annoying. I'll take TSRTS vocals with some grit and baritone to the Mickey Mouse type linear thin high pitch squeal that I hear every time a piece comes in my headphones. Not sure if Jimmy mixed it with Shirley like this on purpose.......just kidding...however , 

I was expecting something added to HTWWW- a DVD , omitted songs, other 72 date songs ,...something!!!. I used to rip bands for releasing greatest hits albums as creative filler but now I believe Zep is becoming one of those bands. I realize they are defunct but give us some new live stuff or new Pagey stuff. This reissue bs is just hogwash. 

I know some of the past releases give us some few gems but please - GTC sans vocals? ...that's what you call a deep cut?. 

Jimmy needs to either get some real good deep live stuff going and/or start producing other bands or come up with new material. 

I'm questioning his dedication as a guitar player because only true musicians keep creating and performing. He seems lazy or apprehensive to do anything. I am a huge fan and Zep history buff but really - HTWWW? Rerelease deluxe ...what's next for Jimmy ..Super Ultra Deluxe with better sound that no one really notices. Sorry just some late night venting.

Disappointed ...






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