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An actual musician advert


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Still putting the band together.

Influences range from A to Z over the entirety of music on earth. From pop to rock to reggae to metal to folk to blues to you name it.

I have 300 copyrighted originals. You might have some also. Completely open to co-songwriting although I have plenty.

This is an open-minded venture being put together by me an open-minded person.

That means you get to have input into the band although on major decisions I retain 51% of the say, so there will be no "errors" in any aspects of the band, music or its business. This approach comes from years of experience and watching a zillion bands form and fold.

Translation: For the most part it will be "all of our" band, not looking for "robots" to perform on cue.

Common sense humans playing with other humans.

You'll need to have a job or life that when needed you can get off any day or night to gig or record with the band.

You'll need enough scratch to pay your small share and pitch in on expenses to get this done. Sorry, at the current moment I'm unable to personally subsidize your rise to "fame and fortune". If I win the lottery then we'll talk.

Not interested too much in those who are playing for multiple bands, that's a conflict already.

No *major* drug, drinking, attitude etc probs. Been there done that.

We'll be putting together enough originals for an album and put it up on CDBaby or somewhere, and traipse it around the world.

After you see the results of that we'll start working on the 2nd album.

Not interested in major touring at this point. We can do gigs if you want, of originals and copies, in and near Austin, unless of course they're paying us a fortune to do otherwise.

After all the members are in I'll list us with a booking agent, if that's how the entire band feels and wants to go.

I have experience with recording, gigs etc, both acoustic and electric, loud and soft, driving and nuanced.

You can hear a little over-reverbed clip of me playing here so you at least know I can play guitar some. It's not indicative of the entirety of the style of music I do or will be doing, as we'll be doing all kinds of genres of music. Not much here for you if you're not interested in being in a band that is versatile and eclectic with its styles of music and choices of songs.

You have to be able to tune and play your instrument on at least some level of competence. I'm not going to do it for you.

Here's the clip. Ignore the sloppiness and missed notes, it's merely a mild example.


I'm slightly older than a kid, but will consider both young and old applicants to fill the membership of this band.

We'll be booking a rehearsal studio in the next couple of weeks or the middle of June for about 4 hours for a 'meet greet play listen" session, so I can check everyone out and you can check me and each other out.

So far coming to the session are 2 to 3 guitarists and multiple instrumentalists, 2 amazing lady singers, one great drummer.

And although some can also play bass and have the gear, we'll need some bass players to sit in in this session.

But still open to auditioning lady singers, bassists, drummers, guitarists, keyboardists and various other instruments etc in this upcoming studio session.

Please reply with a telephone number in your email or I won't get back to you.

Good luck and enjoy your day.
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1 hour ago, redrum said:

It won't play.

With three hundred original songs/tunes this guy is looking for sidemen, and he want them to pay for the privilege of giving his career a helping hand. 51% that's a dictatorship.

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Seems a little like my music advertisement haha

I am a Lead guitarist looking to start a band with depth, diversity, and timelessness. My favorite genres are generally Swedish Death Metal, classic rock, folk, sludge metal, progressive metal/rock, and groove metal. I also like certain psychedelic elements as well. I envision a band that has elements of all of these genres as they are much more relative than some realize.

While I'm looking to manifest a creative vision, I want it to be one we all truly share. All great bands have collectively shared such a common vision at one time or another. This is key for maximum creative fulfillment for all members. It will also minimize conflict and compromise. Too much compromise means that one or more members will become unsatisfied and it compromises the spirit or essence of the band. It's like being in a marriage or relationship with someone you aren't compatible with. The only compromise I want are minor compromises that regardless of the choice leads us to being pleased with the outcome. This would help insure creative freedom in the band while we all happily working towards a shared vision.

I am looking for a bassist that is (preferably) influenced by (but obviously not limited to) players such as John Paul Jones, Justin Chancellor, Geezer Butler, and Martin Mendez (Opeth). I think the general feel of those players would translate best with my style. It also helps if you are influenced by some bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Sword, Opeth, Mastodon, In Flames (The albums "Jester Race" through "A Sense of Purpose" in 2008), Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, The Absence, Before the Dawn, Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Tool, Naxatras, Soilwork, and The Duskfall. I also love Celtic, English, Scandinavian and indian/Egyptian Folk music as well.

Lastly, a big aspect of the band will be an acoustic side with medieval/celtic/ folk influences. It is the duality between heavy and acoustic aspects that adds to the timelessness and depth of the band's sound. Therefore, it helps (but isn't necessary) if you can play another instrument such as mandolin, organ, keyboards/synths, sitar, hurdy gurdy or some other folk instruments like a tanpura for a drone effect. Once again those aren't necessary though, it's hard to find anyone who plays any of those instruments.

Essentially what I'm saying is if you like music similar to what I'm into and don't want to be limited to any one specific genre then we'd probably get along musically, lets jam and see where it goes. No pressure. It's best to just let the music do the talking in this situation but I just wanted to be upfront about who I am and generally what I'm looking for.

If this sounds interesting to you then contact me and I will send you a link to some of my material.

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12 hours ago, JTM said:

With three hundred original songs/tunes this guy is looking for sidemen, and he want them to pay for the privilege of giving his career a helping hand. 51% that's a dictatorship.

I think the guy is just saying he has a bunch of material and a vision. He specifically stated he wasn't looking for robots. I also have tons of material and I'd really like some like-minded people to contribute to the songwriting process or bring their own songs to the table. It's a lot of fun when you find compatible musicians and you can collectively bring what you hear in your minds eye to life.

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