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Deluxe Editions: CDs vs HD files

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This is my first post on this forum, which I've found very informative, so thank you to everyone for their time/energy spent on reading posts and writing useful replies, I appreciate that.

I wasn't following the reissues until recently, once I decided to look into the remastered versions of HTWWW and the upcoming TSRTS.

When I first listened to the 2003 issue of HTWWW I sensed something that to my perception wasn't quite enjoyable. I didn't know then what it was, but I recognized it nonetheless.

Now I know that what I found offensive was the lack of dynamic range in the mix. #loudnesswars.

I decided to revisit LZ's catalogue and research the Deluxe editions and see if they're worth the upgrade from the '93 "Complete Studio Recordings" set (which has a few inaccurate tracks that were discovered when I ripped the audio using dBpoweramp).

As I was watching YT videos and reading posts on the subject, I noticed that the Super Deluxe sets include download codes to HD files of the records; I considered buying the 96kHz/24bit downloads from HDtracks and alike vendors, however, this is substantially more expensive than buying the physical discs (but I still want the 96kHz/24bit mix) ; so I wonder:

  • Do the CD-only Deluxe versions, include download codes as well?
  • Is there a way to rip audio files out from a blu-ray (HTWWW, and TSRTS -when it comes out) so that I can have the 96kHz/24bit PCM stereo mix on my (Mac) computer?    

Thank you in advance for your input.


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You know there are plenty of threads already in progress on the subject but anyhow as far as your first question I believe I am correct that the download codes only came with the super deluxe editions...I think. Lol. I'm Pretty sure...

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HDTracks has a 25% off sale for the purchase of two or more albums going until March 21, 2019 11:59 PM Eastern. Use code BIRTHDAY11 at checkout. If it matters, I don't have any business affiliation with them and I do not make any money if you use that code.

Here is their Zep section: https://www.hdtracks.com/music/artist/view/id/4858/

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