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Jonesy's Fender V bass during US 73 jaunt, why did he use it?


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John Paul Jones played a lot on his Fender V bass during the US 73 shows. Ever since 1968 he was always very loyal to his trusted Fender Jazz (and occasionally the fifties P-bass and his fretless Precision), so why on earth did he switch to -as he later referred to it- 'the ugly dog' ? The concept behind it was OK (allowing the bass player to reach higher notes without moving up and down on the fretboard), but the execution was terrible. A bastard Mustang/ P bass body and a 15 fret neck 😣

Any bassist around here know the reason why? On live tapes this axe produces a 'Kloing Kloing' sound whereas the J has a much more articulate foundation.


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Jones didn't really have that much to say about it in the book.  JPJ: “That was my third bass.  It was a five-string and the ugliest bass guitar in the world, it was horrible but it had a high fifth string and I got into it for a while but it was unbalanced and I don’t know if it even sounded that good.  It was ugly, I couldn’t go on stage with it anymore”.

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