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"Hats Off (to Roy)


Hats off (to Roy Harper)  

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  1. 1. Do you like "Hats off (to Roy Harper)"?

    • Of course, I have great taste in music!
    • No, but that's because I'm tone-deaf.

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I'm not really hearing it in Custard Pie.

The thing is Zeppelin were musical alchemist. They get blamed for "stealing" when in fact they take a piece of stone and turn it into a Rodin sculpture. Bukka White's Shake em On Down is a classic example of this. HOTRH was an example of this song on crack, about 30% of the lyrical content in tact, with the structure and melody significantly rearranged. By the time it morphed into Custard Pie they lyrics were 95% original and the structure completely different but the influence was still there. This is exactly why I loathe the haters, they just don't get it. Sure, Page stole some ideas for Zep I & II (BMS, WLL, & BIOH), however Dazed and Confused is a very different song from the original by Jake Holmes, to me apples and oranges. Anyway, HOTRH is great, it simply the band pretending to be 1930's blues players high as hell on coke and whiskey.

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I'm not tone deaf and I don't think there is anything wrong with the song, suddenly 32 fucking years later everyone is a critic, well let me tell you I love LZ3, But at the time of its release it was absolutely slated by the music press because they went accoustic (according to them). What did they know.....nothing.

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