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Revolution in the Head


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When I got into the Beatles, I aquired a copy of Revolution in the Head a book by Ian McDonald, it basically goes through each Beatles song giving detailed descriptions and quote, and facts of the track.

Is there a Led Zeppelin equivalent?

Revolution in the Head was such a brilliant book!

Even though I didn't always agree with Ian's favorite songs!.

His book was special; one out of the box, only spoilt by the authors later lack of foresight in leading a life well lived, and total disinterest in seeing it through to the bitter end.... :(

Oh well, his perceptions and authority were, and still are, simply definitive.

As others have mentioned the good works of Dave Lewis probably come the closest, but the best work,I'm sure, has yet to be written.

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I have this:


I like it. I mean who knows how much of this is true with stuff like this. But it's nice to imagine that it is. It helps put the music in another perspective that you might not have thought of before.


if anyone has both, which one is better?

I'll probably buy the other one anyways!

apparently I have the 1998 version and the 2006 version has a new cover. I wonder if there is any additional content.

Certainly no additional songs :D

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